Takeshi "Kamina" Eto
Status Alive
Reddit Username /u/Kuroikatsuchi
Race Shinigami/Demon
Birthday 12th November
Gender Male
Height 5'6
Weight 135lb
Blood Type O
Family Miyuki Eto - (former) Wife

Hikari Eto - Daughter

Tsukiko Eto - Daughter

Professional Status
Base of Operations Division 7 Barracks
Affiliation Seireitei, Division 7
Previous Affiliation N/A
Division Division 7
Position Captain
Previous Division Division 11

Division 8

Previous Position Lieutenant

3rd Seat

Previous Partner Miyuki Eto, Nakumiko, Kazuya Makoto
Partner Kishimara Yuru
Release Command Divine Wind Pierce, Divine Water Crash ((Kamikaze piāsu, Jinzui kurasshu)神風ピアース, 神水クラッシュ)
Shikai Storm Goddess ((Arashi no Megami)嵐の女神)
Bankai Storm Demon ((Arashi no Oni)嵐の鬼)
Sealed Weapon Wakizashi (50cm)
Tsuba shape spiral


Takeshi Eto wear the standard shihakusho albeit with a green obi. His hair is a jet black colour. The main standout feature are his pointed ears and unusually sharp teeth, this gives him a certain demonic appearance and makes him look quite in intimidating, Takeshi still doesn't know why he possesses these features but he suspects it's influenced by his zanpakuto. His eyes are a particularly uninteresting shade of blue.

Post timeskipEdit

After three years not much has changed visually except the fact that his hair is now shoulder length along with the short beard he decided to grow, he does now leave his tail out instead of wrapping it around his body as he is less affected by what people think of his appearance. 


He is highly protective of his family, he values his wife and daughters above his own life, this does mean he is highly suspicious of strangers (particularly boys) hanging around his daughters, since they joined the academy he becomes highly agitated, mainly due to his lack of knowledge about what happens to his family at the academy.

As a captain he's expected to act somewhat responsibly, he however dislikes how he much act around lower ranked shinigami and normally opts to not wear anything that make's it obvious that he's a captain, unless it's needed (Formal gatherings, battles etc...)

Being the seventh division captain means he spends time forging new zanpakuto, because of this he has gather an impressive amount of knowledge with zanpakuto



  • Paperwork
  • Breaking his nose (Broken nose count: 5)
  • Laxus 
  • His Parents 


{{{hankou bonus}}}(19)(20){{{seijuu bonus}}}{{{bukijuu bonus}}}(22)
HAN 16
REI 16 (19)
HAK 17 (20)
SEI 20
BUK 17
HOH 20 (22)
Base points 40
Earned 68 (Master Log)
Points spent on abilities 2
Total 108

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Master Sword Smith: As the Captain of Seventh division he is responsible for the creation of new Zanpakuto and over time has become quite proficient at creating a variety of different weapons other than the standard Daishō weapons used for Zanpakuto, but these weapons are not able to carry an Asauchi, he is also one of the very few Shinigami able to create a perfect Asauchi.

Huge Reiatsu: As a Captain of the Gotei 13 he possess a huge amount of Reiatsu at his disposal, making any spiritual based attack utilized by the captain quite deadly, his Reiatsu pool grows far larger when he uses Bankai.

Master Swordsman: Being a Captain class Shinigami he has great skill with his Zanpakuto as it is his primary method of fighting when his zanpakuto is unreleased or in it's Shikai form.

Shunpo Expert: He is considerably fast and can keep up a consistent speed for a great deal of time, he is also able to use some advanced Shunpo techniques (such as Utsusemi) to varying degrees of success.

Hakuda Expert:He has some skill in Hand-to-Hand combat as it's the method he mostly employs in his Bankai form but he mostly relies on brute forcing an opponent rather than using too much skill in his fights.

Kido Expert: He is able to use Kido up to the high 80's and is able to use most Kido to it's full effectiveness without an incantation, he is mostly known for using Hado spells in order to compliment his aggressive fighting style.


His sealed zanpakuto is a standard wakizashi with a 50 cm blade, the tsuba is a spiral that come about 4 inches away from the blade it self, the handle is wrapped with green cloth.

This zanpakuto sacrifice defensive capabilities for greater manoeuvrability, the purpose of the blade is to deliver devastating one-hit attacks quickly and efficiently, this is reflected by the zanpakuto's shinkai release.

Shinkai: Arashi no Megami 嵐の女神Edit

Release phrase: Divine Wind Pierce, Divine Water Crash. ((Kamikaze piāsu, Jinzui kurasshu)神風ピアース, 神水クラッシュ)

Name Harikendoriru ((ハリケーンドリル)Hurricane Drill)


Two turn cool down 
Description Creates a hurricane in the shape of a drill around the users Zanpakuto and hand.
Range Short
Type Offensive
Stat Buk + Sei

Name Hahonryū ((破奔流)Tearing Torrent) 


Two turn cool down 
Description Creates an extremely sharp disk of water that is hurled at an opponent at high speeds
Range Medium


Stat Buk + Sei

Name Kaminari ken (雷剣(Lightning sword))


Two turn cool down 
Description The Zanpakuto is covered in electrical energy which lengthens the zanpakuto as well (from about 30cm to 50cm), being struck by the technique can leave burns to the skin and paralysis (severity of the paralysis depends on difference between users Sei and opponents Rei, difference of 0-2 slight numbing of the area, 3-5 localised paralysis of the area, 6-8 full limb paralysis, 9-10 multiply limb paralysis, 10+ full body paralysis)which lasts for one turn</span>
Range Zanpakuto
Type Offensive
Stat Buk + Sei

Bankai: Arashi no Oni (嵐の鬼)Edit

During Bankai Takeshi's apperance compleatly changes, his ears become far more pointed, his teeth elongate and become sharper and his pupils form into slits instead of circles, this gives him a far more animalistic or demonic appearace. Also his actions become far more aggressive, likely in this form to employ more brutal tactics.

In Bankai his sword elongates into a slender blade that is fused to his sword arm rather than actually being held by Takeshi, the surface of the blade appears to flow as if made of water, water also extends up his arm finishing at his shoulder. His left arm is covered is electricity which also extends up to his shoulder, his hand is replace with a large claw made entirely from electrical energy. Also in his Bankai form a large pair of bat like wings formed entirely from controlled wind currents burst from his back, these grant limited flight abilities (mostly only able to glide using them as well as rapid ascension) but he can propel himself forward at a great speed.

Bakai Abilities:

Name Rakuen wo uti horobosu oni no doriru ((楽園を打ち滅ぼす鬼のドリル)Heaven Destroying Demon Drill)
Cost High (5 turn cooldown)
Description Forms a standard wind drill except it at least 5 times bigger than Takeshi body, once the drill has been formed he starts drawing water toward the centre of the drill, infusing the drill with a water element increasing the gargantuan drills mass and finally the tip of the drill in formed of lightning greatly increasing it's piercing ability
Range Short
Type Offensive
Stat Rei, Sei, Buk

Zanpakuto SpiritEdit

Zanpakuto Spirit - His Zanpakuto spirit's manifests themselves as a three women, know as the "storm triplets" they each wear a different colour kimono depending on the element they represent, Kaze the spirit of wind wears a green kimono with the Kanji for wind (風) on her back, Mizu the spirit of water wears a blue coloured kimono with the kanji for water (水) on her back and lastly Rai the spirit of lightning wears a grey kimono with the kanji for Lightning (雷) on the back.

In Bankai the three of them combine into one spirit, representing the combination of elements to create a storm, the same combination which his bankai abilities are centred around, the kimono is now a mix of the tree colour and the kanji for storm (嵐) now on her back.

The three act somewhat childish despite their appearance, constantly playing games and can be quite temperamental from time to time, even going as far as to restrict Takeshi's zanpakuto abilities just because they can despite this they have been know for spouting intelligent ideas occasionally, Inner world Takeshi inner world takes the appearance of a plain field, with what appears to be some kind of shrine located on a small hill. In the distantance multiple typhoons scour the landscape, while strong winds rush through the field coming close to the shrine, but almost appearing to bend around leaving it untouched, also with the unlocking of his true powers it is now constanly raining in his inner world.

Inside the shrine is quite sparse except for the small table located at the center with what appears to be some sort of board game as well as ornate tea set. On opposite side's from each other two cushions are placed ready for use. The wall are decorated with different pieces of art, mostly focusing on wind motives, as well as some different ornate weapons.


Pre-Gotei 13Edit

Takeshi grew up in the 30th district of the north rukongai, he spent most of his youth alone due to his looks earning the nickname "Demon" from the local inhabitants due to his lonliness he bagan pranking in order to get back at the people that hate him, after some time he was so hated that he was regularly hunted by the people in the district, it was during was one of the chases that he met Miyuki were she helped him escape the mob, from that event their friendship was formed, together they continued to terrorize the district.

After some time they both joined the shinigami academy, where Takeshi was seperated from Miyuki due to being placed in the advanced class, while there he met Kazuya Makoto his future friend and roomate, during there year at the academy the two were hailed as prodigies but noted that both were extremely lazy only just handing assignments in at all.

His last training assignment was a leadership mission to the world of the living, while leading his small group of trainees a break in the barrier cause a sudden influx of dangerous hollows to enter the training area, leading his squad he approached the location of the incursion along with the squad lead by Kazuya, coming across the mass of hollows he decided it would be best to attack the hollows head on and stop the incursion, this decision lead to the deaths of every member of both squads save for the squad leaders, this event has haunted Takeshi ever since and drove him to alcohol in order to help himself.

History as a ShinigamiEdit



"War is full of rules. The key to winning is to know how to break them."

"Give mercy to those who deserve it, smite all who do not

"I may wield my blade with the strength of my arms, and I may stand on the line with the strength of my legs. But I fight with the strength of my heart."


  • Fun fact the nickname Kamina was inspired by Captain Yukimura Raidon after a comment about his shinkai having similarities with a show from the human world 
  • His theme songs include:

Atk-70 Def-20 Rei-45

Zan-9 Hak-1 Hho-15 Kdo-0

Perk-Speed Clones 

Alt ArtEdit

  • Rule 63 bitches
  • Takeshi is a well know master of disguise
  • Takeshi when he's a little pissed (note the kick-ass haori)
  • Takeshi Being adorable as hell (Look at me all adorable and shit)
  • Takeshi's appearance in Bankai
  • Takeshi's zanpakuto in Bankai
  • His Zanpakuto Spirit
  • His Zanpakuto in Shinkai
  • Takeshi relaxing in the human world
  • Takeshi with his shirt off partially (He also has a tail now)