Tower InformationEdit

Ryuzaki's tower is 9 stories tall and has two basement levels.

First Floor: The first floor is very sparse. It's decorated with an expensive rug and several paintings. There's also torches in the corners of the room that have fire similarly colored to Ryuzaki's reiatsu, Gray with a red outline.

Second Floor The second floor is the meeting room. It's where Ryuzaki and his Fraccion gather to discuss current events in Las Noches. Meetings occur whenever Ryuzaki calls for them.

Floors 3-6 Fraccion quarters. This is where Ryuzaki's Fraccion will arrive whenever they want to sleep or do other things.

Floor 7 This floor is Ryuzaki's meditation room. Anyone caught disturbing him when he's in this room will be eviscerated and then bisected.

Floor 8 Ryuzaki's office. Ryuzaki handles any administrative problems in this room.

Floor 9 Ryuzaki's quarters. This is where Ryuzaki will retire for sleep. Anyone caught disturbing him, please see the description for floor 7.

Basement level 1 This is the training area for Ryuzaki and his Fraccion. The walls, roof and floor have been reinforced with seki seki stone to prevent anything from disturbing the surrounding area.

Basement level 2 The Pit. This is where Ryuzaki's fraccion will be held when they've broken any rules set by him. It's for when Ryuzaki doesn't feel like using the Caja Negacion.

Tower RulesEdit


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