The White Moon
Cap'nRukia"Thank you."
Status Deceased
Reddit Username Rukia_Kuchiki
Race Shinigami
Birthday January 14th 1851
Gender Female
Height 157 cm (5'2½")
Weight 39 kg (87 Ibs)
Blood Type A
Family Kuchiki
Professional Status
Base of Operations Seireitei
Affiliation Gotei 13, Kuchiki Clan, Soul Society
Division 1
Position Captain-Commander

Head of the Kuchiki Clan

"The White Moon"

Previous Position Lieutenant

Third Seat

Heiress of the Kuchiki Clan

Kidōshū Sōshi (Kidō Corps Commander)

Previous Partner Hinata Banteki (Captain, Deceased)

Ayumi Kuchiki (Captain, Deceased)

Nikorasu Akimoto (Brother-in-law, Missing)

Shinya Tsubasa (Captain)

Reikaizo Yonta (Third Seat, Deceased)

Ashi Takamoto (Fifth Seat, Deceased)

Yoshito "Yoshi" Tanaka (Lieutenant, Resigned)

Neiro Yamada (Fourth Seat, Deceased)

Partner Ben Vanderbergerk (Fiancé)

Asuka Haruko (Lieutenant)

Hiroku Shikuga (Apprentice)

Release Command Mae (舞え, Dance)
Shikai Sode no Shirayuki (袖白雪, Sleeved White Snow)
Bankai Yukion'na no Ikari (雪女の怒り, Snow Princess's Wrath)
Sealed Weapon Katana
Tsuba shape Snowflake

Rukia Kuchiki (朽木 ルキア, Kuchiki Rukia) was the Captain of Division 1, making her the Captain-Commander. Rukia was the adoptive sister of Nikorasu Akimoto and was the Head of the Kuchiki Clan. She was also the president of the Shinigami Women's Association, as well as the previous Commander of the Kidō Corps and founder of the Elite Barrier Squadron.


During her days in Rukongai, Rukia had originally worn tattered rags like most of the denizens, but after her meeting with Ryoma, she started wearing a light purple kimono with violet dots, tied at the waist by a black sash.

When she was accepted into the Shin'ō Academy, she started wearing the traditional uniform which consists of a red shitagi (under shirt), a white kosode (shirt) with red stripes, red hakama (trousers), and white socks and sandals.

It wasn't until she became a lieutenant did Rukia decide to cut her spiky hair into a bob, with several strands constantly hanging between her violet eyes. She used to wear a modified shihakushō with the left sleeve only reaching her upper arm. Instead of donning the kenseikans found in most Kuchiki, she had opted to wear long fingerless tekkou on each hand, both reaching up to her elbows. During her time as a lieutenant, she wore her Division badge on her upper left arm.

As the months passed, she eventually grew out her hair slightly past her shoulders. During her time as the captain of the 13th Division, she wore the traditional shihakushō with a silver sash tied around her upper left arm, where the Kidō Corps insignia sewn in. Over the shihakushō she wore a sleeveless haori with purple linings. Her tekkou gloves were still present.

Since her promotion to Captain-Commander and the Head of the Kuchiki Clan, Rukia's appearance remained very much the same. She still wore the traditional shihakushō, tekkō gloves, and sleeveless haori (with the kanji for one instead of thirteen). Including these articles of clothing, Rukia had chosen to wear the Kuchiki Clan scarf snugly around her neck, which also served to hide the scar inflicted by Hiroku during their last training session.


Initially born in Inuzuri, the 78th district of South Rukongai, Rukia was once a cold and secluded child, and also quite rude to the people she considered idiots. Once she met Ryoma Kuchiki, she changed and began to open up to others and take their feelings into consideration. Now, Rukia retains her modesty and grace even after being accepted into the Kuchiki Clan. She is considered "clean" to some and is fine with talking to ordinary people despite her affiliation. Rukia dislikes having people address her as "-sama," even after all the months since her promotion. However, she doesn't openly voice her dislike, and is getting accustomed to the respect shown towards her.

  • Ryoma Kuchiki
  • Typical interaction between Rukia and Ryoma

Rukia often puts up a cool and lone demeanor around new people unless she takes an immediate liking to them. She is known to be highly knowledgeable on the history of Soul Society and is known to be intelligent and quick in her thinking. In battle, she is perspective and calm, and usually takes her time to analyze her enemy's abilities. Rukia is cheerful and supportive of her friends and allies, but can become stoic and solemn should the need arises. She's rather selfless and seems concerned about others more than her own personal welfare. This trait of her has lead to some admonishment and praises from her previous friend and mentor, Ryoma Kuchiki.

At times, Rukia has shown a more brutal and callous side, befitting of the cold nature of her reiatsu. A merciless and relentless side that seldom surfaces, but should it appear, those that face her wrath rarely live to tell the tale. When this persona springs up, Rukia is more inclined to curse. No one knows the reason as to the strange split of personality. Only Rukia knows, and that answer will forever be locked within the confines of her memories.

Rukia likes anything rabbit-themed and becomes quite sensitive when someone insults her obsession. She always carries a sketchbook around her and draws out everything when it comes to mentoring or informing others. The drawings are typically rabbit-like and when criticized, be it friend or foe, Rukia will not respond kindly. She likes to climb in high places, particularly trees, and is clueless about various technology in the World of the Living. She has the most difficulty with drinking containers and was quite happy when she finally mastered the art of opening juice cartons.


Pre-Gotei 13Edit

Rukia is roughly 300 years old, born in Inuzuri (戌吊, lit. "Howling Dog"), the 78th District of South Rukongai. Like most districts 50 and up, Inuzuri was a violent, crime-infested area where rules held no real meaning. As such, she spent most of her years there stealing food and water from the local shopkeepers, and indulging in particular hobbies such as grass-whistling. Distrustful of the orphanage and the denizens in general, Rukia opted to live in solitude to increase her chances of surviving in such a harsh environment.

She was highly proficient in the art of thievery and bribery to get on by, and hadn't been caught until her 70th year in Inuzuri. While making her getaway from a furious shopkeeper, she was saved by a Shinigami named Ryoma, who had taken a particular interest in her (due to her likeliness to his wife) after their initial meeting a day prior.

Young Rukia

Rukia during her youth in Inuzuri

From that day forward, the two agreed to meet each other everyday at a designated time near the local dango shop. Sometimes, Rukia received small gifts, such as a lovely kimono from Ryoma. The two would spend hours talking about silly things or taking nice long walks in other districts.

Soon enough, the brusque and cold (and admittedly foul-mouthed) Rukia began to open up to others and actually enjoy her time in the poor district of Inuzuri. After 30 years, at the age of a hundred, she enlisted herself into the Shin'ō Academy, hoping to gain the strength to repay the kindness of the Shinigami that saved her from the isolation she had suffered before their meeting.

Rukia miko

Rukia during her time in the Shin'ō Academy

Within a week at the Shin'ō Academy, Rukia knew that she lacked skills in Hakuda, and her skills with a sword were terrible at best. The only qualities that she was proud of at the time were her Kidō and Hohō, but even those were average compared to the students originating from noble families. However, her knack for memorizing history and facts completely outstripped others, but despite this glimmering trait, Rukia was not satisfied. She only felt worse when she finally received her asauchi, and became the only student in her class who was not able to contact her Zanpakutō spirit.

Despite her rough days in the Academy, she still participated in her daily meet-ups with Ryoma, who was always there for support. Whenever she felt down, Ryoma would always cheer her up, and even offered to improve her skills. Soon, Rukia began to catch up to her classmates, and finally contacted her Zanpakutō spirit, Sode no Shirayuki. In her third year, she made a friend named Iruma, who also originated from Inuzuri.

Soon, Rukia began to visit Ryoma less and less, opting to instead hang out with Iruma after Ryoma's insistence. The two got along together well, and even had a little competition. Right away, Rukia could tell that Iruma was a natural genius, exceeding her in all the crafts taught in the Academy; even her knowledge on the history of Soul Society seemed scant compared to Iruma's. Nonetheless, the two trained together frequently and soon enough, Iruma was promised a seated position, despite not graduating yet. However, he graduated soon enough—two years was all it took. Unfortunately, in a freak accident, Iruma was killed on his first expedition as a Shinigami.

Saddened by the death of her friend, Rukia began to study extensively as a distraction from grief. Her strong and everlasting bond with Ryoma continued to grow since Iruma's death, and finally, after another three years, Rukia graduated from the Shin'ō Academy. She was accepted into the 13th Division as an unseated Shinigami.

History as a ShinigamiEdit

Rukia and Ryoma continued to meet up every day. Both were unseated Shinigami. However, Ryoma had been a Shinigami far longer and was on par with a lieutenant. When Rukia finally donned the shihakushō, Ryoma immediately took her out to train in Mt. Koifushi (鯉伏, lit. "Carp Slope"), within Hokutan (北端, lit. "North End"), the third district of West Rukongai. It soon became a routine to train there. Rukia eventually learned more about the Kuchiki Clan in that time, such as the turmoil and the power struggle that has been going on for many decades. Ryoma, as its heir, refused to wear the kenseikans and the position, leading to his sister, Ayumi Kuchiki to become the heir. From Ryoma, Rukia also heard about a proficient bounty hunter prowling about in Rukongai, and the Kuchiki Clan's decision to hire him.


Mt. Koifushi

After 60 years, Rukia finally gathered enough courage to finally thank Ryoma for his help in training her throughout the years, while at the same time admitting to the loneliness she had felt living in isolation along the filthy streets of Inuzuri. She had thought, that it if weren't for him, she wouldn't be the same person as she was today—perhaps dead, even. It wasn't easy living the life of a thief. Ryoma merely smiled, then assured her that it was nothing to thank for.

However, soon after that conversation, Ryoma became distant. To Rukia's confusion and dismay, her friend started to become more cold towards her, even curt, treating her as one might with a stranger. Soon enough, their frequent meet ups ceased to exist, and the two were friends no more.

For the next 44 years, Rukia kept to herself, no longer reaching out for Ryoma, who had abandoned her without reason. On some days, she would find herself visiting the Kuchiki Manor to search for any clues leading to Ryoma's change in behavior, to no avail. Fortunately, she found a new friend among the nobles: the famed knitter, Mitsuko Kuchiki, Ryoma's wife. Rukia soon became attached to Mitsuko, relieved at finding another close friend. Soon enough, she began to visit Mitsuko at the Manor frequently, and gradually became comfortable enough to address her as "Nee-san." During her visits, she would often run into Ryoma and exchange a few, curt replies. On one such conversation, Rukia learned that Ryoma had accepted the 4th Seat of the 6th Division at the insistence of his father, Sesshomaru Kuchiki. This came as a surprise to Rukia, since Ryoma had been against accepting a seated position because according to him, "rank didn't matter."

Through her frequent meetings with Mitsuko, Rukia ended up meeting the then Heir Curator, Yoichi "Heisuke" Kuchiki. While taking a stroll through the flowerbeds of the Kuchiki Manor, Rukia stumbled upon the girlish Heisuke. Mistaking him as a noble girl, Rukia politely asked Heisuke for directions, using the honorific "Kuchiki-chan," which enraged the young man. As a result, she was bombarded with crystallized flower petals, and from that day forward—oddly enough—the two became good friends, always competing with each other until Heisuke ran away from the Manor for mysterious reasons.

Also during this time, Rukia chanced upon Asuka Midori and unintentionally mocked her for her height, which prompted the short Shinigami to fire off a gust of wind at her, resulting a tear in her shihakushō sleeve. It was at that moment did Rukia realized that Asuka had the potential to become a Shinigami. Unfortunately, Asuka had been against the idea until Rukia lied about an unlimited alcohol policy within the Academy.


Rukia in Karakura Town

Eventually, Rukia received a Hell Butterfly that placed her in charge of Karakura Town for two months. A little after a month, Ryoma came to fetch her by force, simply stating coldly that she had been summoned by the Central 46 on the account of treason. A trial soon took place after her return, where she was found guilty of murdering scores of unseated Shinigami and a high-ranked noble, Mitsuko Kuchiki. To add on to the murders, she was also found to be guilty for overstaying her time in Karakura Town. For her crimes, Rukia was ultimately sentenced to execution by the Sōkyoku Spear in 25 days.

Rukia stayed in the prison within the 6th Division for nine days, in which Ryoma was her caretaker. The two rarely spoke even then, only speaking when necessary. On the ninth day, she was escorted to the Senzaikyū by Ryoma and a couple of Onmitsukidō guards.

Thirteen days before her execution, Rukia was notified that her execution has been moved up to the following day. Numbed with disbelief and a heart-wrenching fear, Rukia waited out the remainder of the day, and by the next morning, she had humbly accepted her fate.

It was June 17th. And it was pouring rain, sheets and sheets of raindrops pounding the earth mercilessly as Rukia was escorted by the Kidō Corps to the base of Sōkyoku Hill. Once she arrived, she was met with the entire Central 46, along with Ryoma. To her shock and disbelief, the method of her execution had been changed. She was to engage Ryoma Kuchiki in a battle to the death.

In the end, the battle ended with her as the winner, with her zanpakutō pierced through the chest of the man she once called a friend. In his dying hour, Ryoma apologized to Rukia, aware that his actions had hurt her terribly in the past, a sin that could never be cleansed. He explained his cold behavior as a result of the Kuchiki Clan refusal to accept Rukia as a member, with their reasons based on protocol and that Ryoma's wishes stemmed from the closeness of their relation—the latter in particular, for it was a groundless justification to allow a "peasant into their ranks." He fought for her acceptance, which was rejected again and again with the same reasons despite his attempts to change their views.

In truth, he hated seeing her alone. He wanted to change that and give her a family. When his plans on having Rukia becoming his adopted sister failed, he learned about her sentence and became frantic.

He had requested an audience with the Central 46 and managed to sway the method for Rukia's execution. However, if he were to be killed–a very unlikely possibility—Rukia's sentence would be dropped. Ryoma took advantage of that opportunity. He planned to die from the start. He knew that if he died, anything in his will would be granted. In his will, his greatest concern, was to have Rukia accepted into the Kuchiki Clan. And as a gift for her acceptance, he wished for her to have the tekkō gloves that Mitsuko had knitted long ago

Ryoma's death completely changed Rukia's life. She was now a noble. She had a family. And she took away the life of the man that did nothing but helped her.

After the event upon Sōkyoku Hill, Rukia became acquainted with the nobles of the Kuchiki Clan, many who looked upon her with disdain as her mere presence "tainted" the prided bloodline. Initially timid at being accepted into a prestigious Clan, Rukia tended to isolate herself from others, even more so than usual since Yoichi's banishment.

It was Ayumi Kuchiki, Co-Head of the Kuchiki Clan and her captain at the time that approached her first, urging her to "lift her head and look confident." When that failed to produce any significant changes, Rukia was then forced into a spar. Despite the obvious margin in strength, Ayumi was merciless in her attacks and struck her down quickly. At Rukia's prompting behind the brutality, the cat-like captain merely said that in a true battle, an adversary wouldn't go easy just because she was inadequate. Stung by the insult, Rukia quietly thanked her captain for the spar before taking her leave.

Having taken Ayumi's words to heart, Rukia spent the duration of the next month advancing her studies, and performing the tasks that was expected of her within the 13th. She funneled most of her efforts into Kidō, an art that she had grown fond of since her days in the Shin'ō Academy. It was only when Rukia became confident in her abilities did she dare approach Ayumi again, this time with a request: to become her apprentice.

Ayumi agreed, on the condition that Rukia was able to best her in a spar. Rukia obliged without hesitation, and the two squared off again. Like before, Ayumi evidently had the upper hand. Although this time, Rukia has noticeably improved, yet despite her growth, she was again struck down after Ayumi had imposed an underhanded tactic. It was then Ayumi firmly asserted that as long as one triumphs in battle, it doesn't matter what or how it happened; what truly matters is that one was alive, and the other, dead. Then with a smile, Ayumi agreed to take Rukia on as an apprentice, saying that Rukia had met her expectation despite having lost the spar.

From that point on, Rukia continued to train under Ayumi, sometimes with the help of her husband, Nikorasu Akimoto. Her apprenticeship lasted for five years, in which Rukia fostered an almost sisterly bond with Ayumi. Yet she also greatly feared and admired her prowess in battle. It was through her frequent spars with Ayumi was Rukia able to hone her unique style of fighting, one that specialized around fluidity and grace to maneuver, as well as a keen perception and sharp intuition to properly form tactics and strike with swiftness and precision.


Rukia as a Lieutenant

About six months after the end of her apprenticeship, Rukia was met with devastating news: Ayumi Kuchiki had been murdered. The one to replace her as captain was Bveress; Akimoto was to continue leading the Clan as the sole Head. It was through this loss was Rukia able to foster a close relation with Akimoto, who she grew to call "Nii-sama" out of respect.

Eventually, Rukia became the Third Seat of Division 13, and held that position for the next 79 years. After Captain Bveress's betryal, she was promoted to Lieutenant, a position that she held for ten years. At her Lieutenant Ceremony, she decided to cut her hair, to cut away the pain of the past to start truly living the life that Ryoma had wished her to have.

She wanted to start anew. She no longer wanted to look like Mitsuko Kuchiki, whose likeliness to her own appearance caught Ryoma's attention; her appearance didn't matter anymore. She was Kuchiki Rukia.


Rukia and Sode no Shirayuki originally had a hostile relationship. As the most beautiful zanpakutō, and possibly the most powerful ice-type zanpakutō in Soul Society, Sode no Shirayuki had a cold personality to boot.

Despite Rukia's pleadings during her Academy days, the spirit refused to acknowledge her master until Rukia improved exponentially in her studies with the help of Iruma and Ryoma. Even then, Sode no Shirayuki irritated Rukia to no end by refusing to see her after their first meeting, despite Rukia's constant visits to their shared inner world.

Enraged with having such an apathetic and callous zanpakutō, Rukia decided to forgo Sode no Shirayuki completely in order to focus on other subjects, until she was finally enlisted into the Gotei 13 as an unseated Shinigami of the 13th Division.

However, Rukia soon realized that she could not improve without the aid of her Zanpakutō, which prompted her to visit Sode no Shirayuki after years of negligence. Unsurprisingly, Sode no Shirayuki was as apathetic as ever, and hid in the snowy landscape without a trace; not even a footprint was left behind. Refusing to put up with her sprit's evasiveness, Rukia tracked her Zanpakutō spirit down, and managed to succeed via reiatsu location.

Once she was face to face with Sode no Shirayuki, Rukia apologized for her behavior, and asked for a second chance, which the vain Sode no Shirayuki grudgingly accepted. From thereafter, Rukia would visit her inner world every day, to interact and train with the beautiful spirit.

Sode no Shirayuki was far from gentle, not showing any signs of sympathy or mercy throughout the brutal training, nearly killing Rukia on several occasions. Despite these odds, Rukia refused to give up and continued, much to the spirit's annoyance.

It wasn't until the days leading up to Rukia's execution did Sode no Shirayuki's cold demeanor began to waver. Due to Rukia's supposedly inevitable death by the Sōkyoku Spear, the Central 46 ordered her Zanpakutō to be destroyed beforehand, seeing as it had no use with its owner on death row. Despite the heavy charges against her, Rukia valiantly refused for Sode no Shirayuki to be destroyed. Her last words and wish, and also her will, was for her Zanpakutō to be unharmed. This, more than anything, completely changed Sode no Shirayuki's outlook on her master.

When Rukia was spared, thanks to Ryoma, her relationship with Sode no Shirayuki improved gradually. She still visited Sode no Shirayuki everyday, and instead of constantly receiving harsh words and bruises, she began receiving warm praises and actual guidance in the form of words rather than swords and ice. Rukia began improving at an exponential rate.

SnS Rukia

Rukia and Sode no Shirayuki

Respect soon blossomed between the two, and before either of them knew it, they became good friends. Rukia would visit Sode no Shirayuki every day, and over the years during her time as a Third Seat, Sode no Shirayuki eventually manifested outside of her inner world. It was gradual at first—starting out with a few wisps of frost, which steadily began to accumulate and form into Sode no Shirayuki's likeliness, and with time, the actual spirit became as tangible as any other Shinigami.

Rukia began to sought for Bankai soon after being promoted to Lieutenant of the 13th Division. At that point in time, she was maturing, seeking to carve a new image of herself, to cut ties away from the past. It began with a modification to her shihakushō, the tekkou gloves, and ultimately, her hair. And now, she had a new purpose.

To give her time, her skills, her life to protect her friends, family, and the countless souls living in both the Soul Society and Earth. She needed Bankai—not only for protecting others, but for herself as well. To show everyone that she, Kuchiki Rukia, was more than just a lucky noble who had everything handed to her on a silver platter. She wanted to show everyone that she was more than that; that she was worth more. That she didn't need anyone protecting her anymore. If she had the power to change fate, then she would use it wisely.

After hearing her pleas, Sode no Shirayuki finally accepted her challenge.

They fought for three days within a secluded area among the frosty trees, tearing up the serene landscape with every step, every slash. The haunting beauty that hung over the land was shattered by the ferocity of their fight. Little by little, Rukia gained the upper hand. Through clever evasive tactics that consisted of cartwheels, flips, and rolls, combined with Kidō and improvised Zanjutsu skills thrown in, she was able to best her spirit.

And that, is how Kuchiki Rukia achieved Bankai.

Over the years during her time as a Lieutenant, Rukia was sent on many, dangerous missions unsuited for the normal seated officer or lieutenant. From the many successes of her missions, she was given a moniker: The White Moon, due to the crescent shape of (Some no Mai) Kouri Shuugeki, and also due to her completely white blade that practically shone in the moonlight, as if absorbing the serene light within its deadly edge. Thus, with every slash under the night sky, a thin, curved ribbon of light would trail in the wake of her strokes, akin to the appearance of a white crescent moon.


(四大瀞霊門) Shidai SeireimonEdit

  • When the Arrancar attacked the four gates of the Seireitei, Rukia was placed in charge of a platoon of unseated Shinigami to secure the perimeters.
  • The Arrancar attack continued into the next day, with seated officers tackling powerful opponents such as Espada and Fraccions. During this time, Rukia continued to lead the unseated members of Division 13.
  • As the war began to dwindle, a powerful reiatsu signature was detected, easily dwarfing the reiatsu of the Captain-Commander and Primera Espada. A figure was seen standing above the Shin'ō Academy, where the Kikai no Jōmon (亀鎧の城門, The Gate of Turtle Shell ) was prepared beforehand by Dai Kidōchō Shinya Tsubasa of the 13th Division. With a massive fireball, the figure destroyed the Academy, leaving a scorched crater and only one survivor. Rukia arrived on scene shortly after the destruction, and quickly ordered the debris to be cleared.
  • A week later, the Captain-Commander issued an order to allow each Division to choose a representative to venture to Hueco Mundo in order to arrange a Shinigami-Arrancar alliance to combat the new threat. Rukia gathered up the Division and ultimately chose Fourth Seat Ben Vanderbergerk as the 13th Division's representative.
  • Soon after the "non-aggression" pact between Shinigami and Arrancar was agreed upon, six major reiatsu signatures were detected in the Human Realm by members of the Fifth Division, which was quickly analyzed by the 12th. Their combined analysis confirmed the reiatsu sources to be similar to the malevolent forces that had attacked the Seireitei earlier. Six groups were quickly issued to combat the threat, containing members from both factions. Rukia stayed behind in the Seireitei to attend to personal matters of her own.
  • Rukia was appointed to Captain after previous Captain Shinya Tsubasa transferred to Division 5 after the death of Captain Aethos Kurumada. Three captain were chosen to discuss the treaty with the Arrancar and Fullbringers, leaving Rukia and the rest of the Gotei 13 to await their decision. Shortly afterwards, the 13th Division Barracks was destroyed by Joe Gokaiger, along with the Cuddle Room, much to her dismay. After the agreements to the treaty were hammered out, she attended the meeting issued by the Captain-Commander to offer her input on the matter.
  • The Seraphim's reiatsu signature was quickly picked up by Division 5 shortly after the events of Wahei Kaidan. Captain Shinya Tsubasa of Division 5 and Lieutenant Aozame Tamerei of Division 4 were dispatched to handle the situation, eventually meeting up with the Primera and Segunda Espada, Andere Vibora and Drake Soñoliento respectively. Together, the four battled the Seraphim, Azzuro Lucertola, to no avail. The Shinigami and Arrancar underwent spiritual imbalance as a result, forcing their comrades to rush in and help them. Rukia was unaware about the situation, still distressed over the loss of her barracks. She lead the efforts to rebuild it.

Seraphim ArcEdit

With the disappearance of Hinata Banteki and the death of Aethos Kurumada, Rukia soon took the mantle of Captain, combining the Kidō and cuddly aspects of her Division together. Shortly after, Rukia decided to assemble the Elite Barrier Squadron, placing Keiko Fukui in charge of the small subdivision. As the months passed, Rukia eventually became stationed at the Xcution Manor as per the treaty between all three races. After participating in a Kidō spar with Hiroku Shikuga of Division 10, Rukia invited the young boy to become her apprentice, which he agreed upon.

Soon after, she willingly went back to the Seireitei to undergo a Level B mission in London, England, where she fell victim to an illusion by Kyuuden Atemi. After being tricked to fight Captain Sumiko Hadashi of Division 12, the two were shocked by the supposedly dead seventh seat. They soon realized that Kyuuden had been modified, and was possibly an underling of the Seraphim. Before they could delve into the matter, all four captains that participated in the mission were trapped in a dimension, unable to escape. Through the release of Gentai Kaijo and Bankai, Rukia was able to escape with her fellow captains. She reported back to Captain-Commander Makato Kiyoshi, where she learned of his close relation with Hahen, an extraordinary woman who went missing many years ago. Rukia vowed to help him find the missing ex-member of Division 2.

After the events of the mission, Rukia returned to the Xcution Manor, where she proceeded to train with Hiroku for the first time. At the conclusion of their spar, after a violent spat was exchanged, Rukia shattered Hiroku's zanpakutō out of anger. However, this led to a stronger bond between him and his zanpakutō. In an attempt to show off his new zanpakutō abilities, Hiroku attempted to stab Rukia through the heart, only to be met with several nasty blows to the head with a frying pan.

After being notified of a another mission in London, Rukia decided to make another trip to the Seireitei. Along with her other fellow captains, they engaged in a fierce battle with a mysterious man, who was able to summon hordes of Vasto Lordes.

Upon the completion of the final London mission, Rukia decided to stay within the Seireitei. However, she didn't stay for long as another, urgent mission was delivered to her shortly. Along with Captain Yukimura Raidon of Division 3 and Drake Soñoliento, she was sent to Orlando, Florida to deal with a Seraphim by the name Averonis. Despite their combined strength, they were defeated in battle. As a result, Rukia was confined to a wheelchair, her legs and her Kidō "broken."

After a quick recovery with the aid of returned captain Onagazame Mizuro, Rukia is able to go about her Shinigami duties, recruiting the now Fourth Seat Neiro Yamada into her ranks. During her stay in the Seireitei, Rukia went through the archives within the UDB, searching for tidbits of information to help prepare her for the eventual confrontation of her dear friend Iruma, whom she had learned was a member of the Central 46 (very much alive), and the one behind her trial and Ryoma's death. However, due to her meddling, she discovered a series of murders within the Norway districts, and began to investigate

The results of the Norway mission produced two unfortunate outcomes; the death of Hikari, and the loss of Asuka's zanpakutō, Tirukatta. However, the major threat was eliminated (a Vasto Lorde named Anniken), but the other threat, Saoirse, became an Arrancar of Las Noches. Not long after, Rukia discovered that her Third Seat, Reikaizo Yonta, had died in action while saving a Plus from a Menos Grande in Karakura Town. This lead to her confrontation with Fiona, who darkly promised to kill Rukia if she dared to withhold information regarding Reikaizo. Rukia grimly agreed, and the pact was sealed.

Shortly after these events, another member was recruited within the 13th Division thanks to Yoshito; Ashi Takamoto.

After the incident of the spar between Captain Kobayashi of the 7th Division and Higosha Banteki from the 11th, and the subsequent punishments, Rukia attended the Captains and Lieutenants meeting issued by Captain Onagazame, where she expressed her support for a triumvirate that consisted of Shinya Tsubasa, Mizuro Onagazame, and Makato Kiyoshi. A few days after that, she encounters Azumi Haruko training for bankai, and drops off a few vague pieces of advice before leaving.

Shortly after Mizuro's meeting, Rukia attended another one, this time by Higosha Banteki where she sadly declined helping the Kenpachi, thinking that the plan he proposed was insubstantial and would split the Gotei 13, thus weakening them further for the upcoming war with the Seraphim.

Not long after the meetings, Rukia answered the call of the 5th Division, who were in need of a captain to dismantle one of Shinya's powerful barrier to gain access to a close off room, where important information concerning the safety of the Human Realm were stashed away. With Shinya missing, Rukia gets there first and dismantles the barrier with relative ease. Upon entering the room, she picks up Shinya's journal, where she learns the horrifying reason behind the 5th Division Captain's disappearance: To investigate the reason behind large reiatsu bursts emanating from the stars, the galaxy itself.

Tracing the rest of the entries to Shinya's journal in his office, Rukia, along with Shin, Raidon, and Higosha, pieced together the rest of the mystery, which resulted in them receiving a premonition from the demonic beast, Kaalut, the Ravenous One who was determined to enter Earth and devour everything within. It was only with the timely intervention of Shinya were they spared from Kaalut's wrath.

While on a walk in the Seireitei, Rukia bumped into an old friend of hers, Yoichi Heisuke Kuchiki. After a brief, light-hearted conversation, the two decided to catch up in Heisuke's Cafe, La Folie. The conversation that ensued eventually culminated in the acceptance of Yoich back into the Kuchiki Clan, as well as the salvaging of several prized artifacts.

At Ashi Takamoto's request, Rukia agreed to spar him to test out his abilities, with Yoshito watching along the sidelines. At the conclusion of the spar, a strange change came over Ashi, which Rukia learned was due to the handiwork of Kaze, Ashi's zanpakutō, who had reversed the role of Shinigami and spirit. With Kaze in possession of Ashi's body, Rukia agreed to the former's favor: to help Ashi when the time comes for him to learn Bankai.

Invasion of the Seireitei ArcEdit

When a powerful Seraphim by the name of Azzuro attacked the Seireitei, Rukia, along with Shinya and Higosha managed to fend him off. However, this did not stop the invasion from happening.

On a stormy night five days before the invasion, Iruma confronted Rukia and Chiyo in the 13th Division, in which a spiteful conversation ensued between the two old friends. Having long known that Iruma had been behind her execution and Ryoma's death, Rukia found it difficult at first to retain her anger. Neither could her servant, Chiyo, for after continued provocations from the dark-haired man, the gentle servant was driven to such a rage that she attempted to end his life with a dagger hidden away in her sleeve. Shocked and confused, Rukia found herself instinctively jumping to Iruma's rescue with her hand taking the brunt of Chiyo's attack. At the same moment, Rukia found herself trapped as Iruma's blade tapped her collarbone, though instead of killing her, he only admonished Chiyo for attacking so rashly.

After removing the dagger from her flesh and steeling her resolve, Rukia swore that she would personally deal with Iruma later when she was no longer responsible for leading a Division, and that she would be the one who would find him, not the other way around. Iruma merely smiled at her words, his gaze sliding down to the bloodied dagger that was stabbed upright on Rukia's desk. He labeled it as a "premonition" before taking his leave, not before stating that a simple presence could serve as intimidation.

The next morning, Rukia ultimately decides to temporarily depart the Seireitei to hone her skills with Sode no Shirayuki. Outside the Kokuryōmon Gate, Rukia was about to leave when Chiyo suddenly showed up, and through tears, begged her not to go because with her intellect, she could find the strength she needed within the Seireitei. Rukia declined, admitting that she needed "peace and quiet," and that she was no prodigy. She was merely a stubborn fool that didn't know when to give up. If there was a chance that she could change fate, then she would do all she can. That has always been the resolve of Kuchiki Rukia. After a moment, Chiyo agreed, then urged Rukia to then promise her that the power she seek was not for revenge. Looking Chiyo in the eye, Rukia gave her answer: "I promise."

From there, she visited Mt. Koifushi, where she first trained to become a Shinigami. There, she honed her skills with Sode no Shirayuki, finally mastering an ability that had originally been apart of her Bankai: the Third Dance, Daiyamondo Dasuto. Aside from training, Rukia took it upon herself to refine her barrier techniques, inventing the Ten no Konpeki Raito, which she was sure would help her in the upcoming war. Upon her return, the invasion barely started. Strangely enough, the wound that was inflicted upon her by Chiyo failed to heal properly, which she shrugged off as she jumped into the fray of battle.

She soon met up with a terrified Asuka. After a brief and heartfelt conversation, Rukia managed to stamp away Asuka's fear, and the two once again set off into battle with new resolve.

Upon splitting up with Asuka, Rukia made her first stop at the 4th Division barracks, where she set up a powerful barrier to protect the building from stray attacks. She also had her wound inflicted by Chiyo healed there, but for some reason, the wound opened up again.

After departing from the Fourth, Rukia rushed over to the Central 46 Compound. There, she erected one of her new barriers, Ten no Konpeki Raito, and subsequently instructed Fourth Seat Neiro Yamada to secretly bring most of the Division to the Compound, to maintain the barrier that relied heavily upon reiryoku.

After the wound accidentally inflicted by Chiyo opened up again, Rukia returns to the Fourth Division, where she chanced upon Lorcian Kobayashi. After conversing with the captain, Rukia learned about the kidnapping of Hine and Tsukine, Lorcian's children. Once obtaining information on the twins, Rukia sets out to find clues to their whereabouts, but to no avail.

During a brief lull in the fighting, Rukia snuck into Yoshito's room to acquaint herself with particular tidbits of human culture. Armed with this newfound knowledge, Rukia went to attend the wedding of Hiroku and Ryuuhei, where she assumed the mantle of priestess. There, she also aided Levanin in retrieving a soul fragment that had been sealed away in another dimension, another world with their separate war. Sometime after her return to the Seireitei, she was approached by Captain Azumi Haruko, who was seeking her approval in having Hiroku as lieutenant of Division 4. Rukia expressed her approval, both pleased and saddened by the promotion of her apprentice.

Ascension ArcEdit

As the Seraphim withdrew from the Seireitei, Rukia chanced upon Ben repairing the Ninth Division barracks. The two held a pleasant conversation, savoring each other's presence during the slight reprieve of hardship.

Not long after, Rukia commanded her Division to scour the Seireitei for the wounded, as well as maintaining the barriers that had protected the two buildings left standing (4th barracks and Central 46 Compound). Again, she met up with Ben, and the two conversed for a brief moment, in which Ben admitted his doubts in taking up leadership of the Ninth after the disappearance of Lieutenant Yamashita Ritsu. Rukia comforted him, while encouraging him to soldier on as she had faith in his abilities.

On another patrol around the Seireitei, Rukia met Boscoe the bear, who in turn gave her Hyoudou's will. Within that will, Rukia was to take in Boscoe and Manfred on behalf of Hyoudou's disappearance, to which she agreed wholeheartedly.

Continuing with her patrol, Rukia catches wind of a familiar reiatsu signature, who turns out to be ex-captain Haruki Kasai. After hearing of Haruki's desires to rejoin the Gotei 13, Rukia inputs some suggestions. Sadly, the ex-captain didn't stay for long, and soon disappeared again.

Despite the list of KIA/MIA Shinigami from the recent invasion, Rukia refused to have her spirits crushed, even after seeing Asuka's name upon the list. Clinging on to the hope that the missing Shinigami were alive, she continued to go about her duties in leading her Division with urgent swiftness, swamping her worries with excess work.

During a brief stroll, Rukia encountered Hiroku trying to commit suicide, and managed to stop him. She questioned him briefly on the cause of his actions, in which she learned that Hiroku had fallen into despair from seeing Ryuuhei labeled as MIA, to which he responded by abandoning his position and zanpakutō. Unable to lift his spirits, they parted ways, but not before Rukia reminded him that her door was always opened whenever he wanted to talk.

Not long after, Rukia caught wind of Azumi's return to the Seireitei after the captain's reiatsu seemingly disappeared a few days prior. Taking a quick break from her duties, she visited Azumi briefly and learned about the events that had transpired in Las Noches, including the loss of her eye.

A few hours later, Rukia attended a meeting issued by Kylar Blackwolf to discuss the next course of action. There, she met up with Fiona, who apologizes for her recent behaviors. The two shared a brief but meaningful conversation that culminated into relief and happiness on both sides. Once the meeting began, Rukia revealed crucial information on Averonis, and gave a report on the condition of her Division. Along with Tyler J. Blanchet, she was later assigned to help maintain the portal connecting Astra Caelum to their world in order to allow a small espionage group led by Kylar Blackwolf to invade. Much to her surprise, however, most of the Shinigami presumed dead burst from the portal, having been captured in an attempt to supply Astra Caelum with more soldiers.

Upon her return to the Seireitei, she was approached by a determined Hiroku, who requested her assistance in obtaining Bankai. Rukia agreed to help him, specifically in regards to his stamina and Zanjutsu skills. The two made their way to Mt. Koifushi, where they sparred for two days straight.

After the death of Shinya Tsubasa, the Central 46 quickly selected her to become the next Captain-Commander. Shortly after being appointed, Rukia released the Hell Butterflies to rally all seated officers in the reconstruction of the Seireitei. As she made her way back into a makeshift tent, she was approached by Kaze Takamoto, the previous Zanpakutō spirit of Fifth Seat Ashi Takamoto. From him, she learned of Ashi's death. The two reminisced about the past for a bit before Kaze took his leave, leaving Rukia alone to her thoughts.

Two weeks later, Rukia approached Hiroku and named him the next captain of the 13th Division, feeling that he would be the best to inherit her position as the Kidōshū Sōshi.

Fearing another invasion in the Gotei 13's current state, Rukia spent the next week honing the Ten no Konpeki Raito, the fruits of her labor manifesting into a powerful barrier that encompassed the entire Seireitei. A month later, she arranged a Kidō Class to prepare the Shinigami for another potential battle. In that session, she taught Azumi the basics of Ten no Konpeki Raito, and promised Yamashita that she would help him regain his Zanpakutō from Astra Caelum. It was also during this class did she finally determined a name for her specialized Zanjutsu technique with the help of Ren Avernacus. Not long after, she caught wind of Higosha's frighteningly reiatsu as he showered the Seireitei in blood as a result of his bankai. Blinded by rage, the grief-stricken warrior struck down Neiro Yamada, prompting the Central 46 to take action.

With the Central 46 initially wanting to execute Higosha for treason, Rukia stepped in and settled on a mutual agreement: to seal off Higosha's powers and banish him to the Human Realm, without any memories of his past. A fate that may very well be worse to death, was a fate that Rukia had to impart to Higosha during a solemn rainfall.

Due to a sudden calling from the master Seraphim, Shin Kobayashi had to restrain Hibōkine Shisha, also know as Kagehime, to bring her to Rukia's office. There, Rukia learned of Kagehime and Hibōkine's joint existence, and offered a remedy to the situation. Using the same seal she had imposed on Higosha's special Gigai, Rukia seals off the communication between Kagehime and the masters, allowing the Seraphim to live her own life. Some time before this, Kazuya Makoto, Lluvia Termina, and Azumi brought Kaze Takamoto to be interrogated.

A few hours after her meeting with Shin and Kagehime, Rukia went on a stroll where she chanced upon Akutō Wadatsumi. Once properly acquainted with the eager man, Rukia directed him to Captain Eto to obtain an Asauchi and take the first step in becoming a Shinigami.

Rukia laters called the captains together for a meeting, in which several topics were put to discussion such as the vacant captain positions, status of divisions, treaty, and recent Seraphim-related events. After the meeting, she was approached by Levanin, who informed her on Ryuuhei's current health, which prompted a therapy session. Shortly after, she was confronted by Septimo Espada, Joaquin Ribereño, who entrusted her with a peculiar gem that was procured from a Seraphim base in Egypt. It was also after the meeting did Sumiko, now lieutenant of the 12th, confronted her for a potential espionage mission within Astra Caelum. As their conversation drew to an end, Rukia decided to pass the gem she had received from Joaquin onto Sumiko, believing that the ex-captain could discern more information from the artifact.

About a month later, she offered Ben to move in with her after the latter had expressed interest in living together. Thrilled that Ben agreed, Rukia set up a small party at the Kuchiki Manor to celebrate the event, despite her initial reluctance due to the Seireitei's condition.

Fall of the Worlds Arc (Seraphim War)Edit

Not long after that did the world collision begin. Rukia immediately sent out a message to all three races alike, urging them not to give up. Before she could depart her office to join the fray, Ren popped up, prompting the duo to exchange a few heart-felt words before the urgency of war whisked them apart. She met up with Primera Espada, Drake a few moments later, in which the two exchanged a light banter while making a short competition in killing the Seraphim in their area. It ended in a tie when Drake suddenly ceased it by presenting a ring, then expressed his anxiousness in marrying Azumi. Rukai offered a some advice, albeit very few as she herself wasn't too familiar behind the concept of marriage. The two split up shortly, and soon after, Rukia found herself face to face with Ben.

It was then did he propose to her, to which Rukia happily agreed. The two began to talk about a wide range of subjects, before ending their conversation with the promise to stay close to one another, one that Rukia reluctantly accepted due to the dangers of war.

Rukia returned to her office a few hours later, seeking important documents that would benefit them after the war. She was then approached by Lorcian, who asked that she free Higosha from his Gigai. After a brief hesitation, she agreed and the two set off to find the lost Kenpachi. Once found, Rukia had to resort to placing great stress upon Higosha to allow ample time to free the seal and his memories. At the brief reunion, in which Rukia experienced a turmoil of regret much like her last "sin," she gave the enraged Higosha permission to kill her for what she had done to him, though not before letting him know that at the time of the decision, she had valued his life above the consequences that may befall her. To her relief and confusion, Higosha decided to spare her life and depart, not before swearing off all allegiance to the Gotei 13. After getting her damp spirits bolstered by Lorcian, Rukia departs soon after to attend to other war-related matters.

After getting her feeling sorted out and fortified, Rukia chances upon Shinya, who had recently been freed by the collision of the worlds. The two exchanged a brief conversation before delving into a good-natured competition. After sensing a sudden drop in Ren's reiatsu, Rukia takes her leave, managing to get to Ren in the nick of time and warded off a group of Seraphim. The two spoke briefly as Rukia healed his wounds, both expressing the positive outlook that the war would end in their favor. It was then that Rukia sensed a malevolent reiatsu near the Xcution Manor and took her leave.

As Averonis prepared himself to destroy the Xcution Manor, Rukia arrived in a blur of Shunpo and thwarted him with a Ten no Konpeki Raito. A furious fight soon commenced, almost one-sided due to Averonis's regenerative ability and immortality that enabled him to fight past the worst of wounds. Through the efforts of Sherner, Arata, and later Yoru, Rukia was able to land the finishing blow. However, it came with a price.

As she laid dying upon the wasteland that was once the Xcution lawn, Rukia softly uttered her last words before closing her eyes to the outside world forever. With her remaining reiatsu, she took a dive to her inner world where she watched the destruction of the beautiful landscape alongside Sode no Shirayuki. In her last moments, Rukia expressed her regret in failing to fulfill her promises, subtly hinting at her fear of death and her denial that her end was coming as she lamented over treasured memories, watching the destruction of her inner world far below. She expressed sadness and longing as she realized that she had no future and hope, for her time was at an end. And for the first and last time, Rukia admitted her interest in starting a family, something that was impossible as the last of her inner world collapsed. As she fumbled in the darkness, she reached out for Sode no Shirayuki, and upon failing to grasp her presence, Rukia resorted to uttering seven words, hoping that the fair maiden would hear. An overwhelming sense of content and tranquility prevaded her as the chime of death echoed back in agreement. It was then did Rukia finally accepted death and passed on peacefully.


Bloodlust ArcEdit

With the sudden opening of the Hell Gates within the Seireitei and the subsequent arrival of Kazama Chikage, Rukia rises to his demands and answers the former's call for small talk regarding a potential pact against the Seraphim. However, the talk was only a means to stall her, to allow time for Hell Gates to split the skies of the Seireitei, in which hundreds of Oni and Arrancar poured out to invade the tranquil city.

Engaging Kazama in a furious battle, Rukia finally succumbs to the deadly bite of the King of Hell, which results in her transformation as a Rasetsu with one order: to annihilate the captains of the Gotei 13.

Karakura High SchoolEdit

Poor schoolgirl Rukia Kuchiki decided to make an appointment with Mr. Tanaka, the counselor of Karakura High. She has been dealing with some problems lately, and was caught sniffling when another student, Anotake Ozu, walked in. After much coaxing on Anotake's part, Rukia finally admits to what have been troubling her: she had forgotten how to open a juice box. Surprised at the simplicity of it, Rukia then mimics the juice box opening gesture, albeit provocatively. "All you have to do is to penetrate the hole?"

Which thus lead to a somewhat awkward conversation about sex, in which culminated into Rukia fleeing the scene after getting her cover blown.

Seizon Shinda 生存死んだ (Living Dead)Edit

Somewhere in the distance, an Arrancar known as Anotake Ozu began to dabble in the affairs of the afterworld. Through the use of tags, he managed to reanimate a few corpses, including Ryoma Kuchiki, Arand Zerif, and Kabuza Yonta. Each corpse was given an order: kill the person closest to them and bring their bodies back for reanimation purposes.

Rukia had been sitting in the clearing of Mt. Koifushi, where she first trained to be a Shinigami when her deceased friend came into sight, blood caking his Shihakushō from the time Rukia had stabbed him long ago upon Sōkyoku Hill. Ryoma shattered the silence of their encounter with an accidental insult, prompting Rukia to chuck a stone at his head. The two exchanged light banter until Ryoma unwillingly attacked, unable to take control of his body due to Anotake's tag.

The battle ended with Rukia as victor, and Ryoma with complete control over his body again. The ruined tag, upon closer inspection, had a list of coordinates on them. The duo followed the coordinates, leading them to an abandoned warehouse where Anotake resided. There, a battle was engaged, ending with Ryoma fleeing with an injured Rukia.

A bit later, they received a notice with a list of coordinates from Reikaizo Yonta, who had also fought against a reanimated Shinigami. Upon getting there, they met up with Ruuma Mifune, Darius Drayer, Rathan Zerif, the latter whom had secretly been killed and reanimated under Anotake's control.

After discussing a quick battle plan, they went into battle.

Tear in TimeEdit

As a rift opened up from the canon world of Bleach to the Seireitei, Captain-Commander Rukia Kuchiki decided to investigate, chancing upon a familiar black-haired girl traversing the streets. It was her—back when she had been a lieutenant. Everything down to the haircut and gloves were identical. There were two Rukias. Already confused by the recent going-ons, Captain-Commander Rukia decides to confront her counterpart, learning that they were not in fact the same individual thanks to the intervention of Ren Avernacus and Cuatro Espada, Ulquiorra Schiffer.

Unfortunately, a battle commenced shortly, due to the Espada's wishes to see the prowess of the individuals of Captain-Commander Rukia's realm. So it was that Rukia, Rukia, and Ren teamed up to combat the Espada. The Cuatro was on the verge of defeat until he decided to unleash his Segunda Etapa. Around this time, Rei Avernacus breached the Seireitei and merged with his counterpart, leading to the creation of Reisen Avernacus. In the end, they emerged victorious, though at a costly price: the destruction of the Seireitei. However, Ulquiorra was satisfied with the battle, and left, sparing their lives. Lieutenant Rukia followed shortly, after expressing the need to locate "Urahara-san," leaving an exhausted Captain-Commander Rukia alone with an equally fatigued Ren.

Tokkuri Saichu!Edit

Having taken a break from work, Rukia found herself relaxing in a Café when she chanced upon her good friend, Asuka Haruko. Her mischievous lieutenant offered her a treat—tokkuri saichu, a common treat among drinkers, for the delicious wafers contained an alcoholic filling made from red bean paste, which was prepared from beans boiled with brewer's grain. Unaware of her lieutenant's intentions to get her drunk, Rukia consumed the delicious wafers. A bit too much, as she passed out face-first into a plate of fresh dango. Not wanting to deal with repercussions, Asuka slinked away, leaving behind a drunk Rukia to torment those that dared to approach her.

Interactions include crying about "Wafer-san" with Mami Saito, assault on Ben to get rid of a "caterpillar" on his face, a murder attempt on Ren, destroying the Seireitei with Marju watching, Attack on Renji, hallucinating about Reikaizo Yonta, and projectile vomiting across the streets.

Inspiration behind Tokkuri Saichu stemmed from Tite Kubo and Makoto Matsuraba's short novel, Honey Dish Rhapsody, in which one scene displayed a passed out Orihime from consuming tokkuri saichu, a treat offered to her by Shunsui Kyōraku.

To Live Another's LifeEdit

One fine morning, Rukia found herself in a beautiful, mysterious park with cloudless blue skies. The birds were chirping, and the wind was as playful as ever. Only one problem—she was a man. Or, more precisely, in the body of a man. Confused and disorientated by this new body—which consisted of crimson eyes, twisting tattoos, and black hair—Rukia sets off to find answers.

On her quest to find answers, Rukia was sidetracked by the dismayed scream of a young school girl who was also stuck in this odd park. It turned out to be Winston, Kokishin's Android. Before she could offer any explanation for this odd phenomena, Rukia heard her own voice wafting through the park. Offering a quick goodbye to the girl, Rukia leapt to her feet to find her body–only to smack headfirst into a tree branch and land scrawled on the ground. Unused to her new body, Rukia tried to get up once more–only to get rejected again and get another mouthful of dirt, along with a broken nose.

Once she collected herself, Rukia finally found her body, which was now in the possession of Ryatso Matsumori. Having expected to delve into possible solution to fix their dilemma, Rukia was appalled that the first thing Ryatso thought of in his new body was to have sex. Irritated at his thought process, Rukia gave him a few hard whacks with his own Zanpakutō to get his mind out the gutter.

On the same page at last, Rukia wondered if their souls had actually been switched as opposed to their minds. To test this theory out, both her and Ryatso decided to release their Zanpakutō—to no avail. It was then Rukia realized that they retained each other's reishi.

Ryatso then suggested impaling each other through the heart, while transferring their reishi in the process to fix the situation. With no other alternative, Rukia agreed.

As Sode no Shirayuki sank into her heart, Rukia was immediately whisked away to the snowy expanse of her inner world. There, she began to plow through the snow for a bit before finally stopping, stating that it's been a century since Sode no Shirayuki had been able to successfully hide from her. The aforementioned spirit revealed herself at last, and after a few pleasantries, offered a hand in friendship. Rukia accepted, and once contact occurred, Rukia suddenly found herself back in the mysterious park.

Within seconds, the park disappeared before her eyes. It had been an illusion all along. Finding herself outside the Tenth Division barracks, Rukia struck up a friendly chat with Ryatso before politely taking her leave in order to set up a Kidō Class.

A Day at the BeachEdit

<Haunting in progress...>


{{{hankou bonus}}}(23){{{hakuda bonus}}}(25){{{bukijuu bonus}}}(22)
HAN 13
REI 20 (23)
HAK 18
SEI 22 (25)
BUK 18
HOH 20 (22)
Base points 70
Earned 43 (Master Log)
Points spent on abilities 2
Total 113

Sacrosanct Order Stats (Filler)

  • Bolded numbers refer to the Vaizard boost.
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HAN 15
REI 20 (23)
HAK 20
SEI 23 (26)
BUK 20 (22)
HOH 22 (24) (26)
Base points 70
Earned 52 (Master Log)
Points spent on abilities 2
Total 122

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Master Swordsman: Due to many decades training with Sode no Shirayuki, Rukia has proven herself to be a versatile and terrifying swordsman. Equally skilled with single or dual blades, Rukia is known to be very precise and quick in her strikes and strategies.

  • Sōryūsen (双龍閃, Twin Dragon Flash): A highly advanced technique devised and mastered by Rukia that utilizes speed, precision, and fast reaction time. Through gathered momentum, the practitioner rapidly spins his or her body in a corkscrew-like fashion while using their blade(s) to quickly lash out and rend the flesh of anyone within arms-length. It is strong enough to completely overpower one's guard, should the timing be accurate. One must be a dual wielder to maximize the effects of this technique. The name was coined by Ren Avernacus during one of Rukia's Kidō Class.

Kaidō Expert: After centuries of studying Kidō and reiatsu manipulation, Rukia has shown to be able to express those skills in Kaidō. She is able to heal a variety of wounds. In situations where her Kaidō is ineffective, Rukia resorts to covering wounds in sheets of ice until further medical actions can be taken.

Kidō Master: As the previous Commander of the Kidō Corps, Rukia is highly proficient in Kidō, her skills unmatched at the time of her death. It's not about the number of spells she is capable of, rather it is the clever and deadly ways she can utilize, create, and manipulate Kidō. She is also highly efficient and knowledgeable about barriers, and just by a glance or an analyzation of the reiryoku used to construct them, Rukia can deduce their functions and consequently dismantle them with relative ease.

  • Ten no Konpeki Raito (天の紺碧ライト, Azure Lights of the Blue Heavens): A versatile and unique barrier created by Rukia during the Seraphim invasion. It can be taught by Rukia herself or a NPC, provided that the user is at the rank of AV-3 and possesses a 13 in both their REI and SEI stats. It is a two part incantation, with the first part serving as the structure and foundation for the the many incantations that can make up the second part. Its function differs, entirely depending on the second part of the incantation and the user's reiryoku storage and control.
  • Fūin (封印, Seal): A nameless, Forbidden Kidō that Rukia had initially developed in order to seal off Higosha's memories and soul upon entering a modified Gigai. It was also used on Kagehime to interfere with the mental link between her and the Arch-Seraphim, Aerelia Belladona. To initiate this spell, a practitioner has to weave a series of hand signs before touching a target on the forehead to connect a delicate thread of reishi to his or her's reishi circulatory system. By imposing one's will during the process, the practitioner may seal off certain memories or connections of the target, via the reishi thread. The effects of this spell wears off upon the practitioner's death. The process can also be reversed with Kai.
  • Kai (解, Release): A nameless, Forbidden Kidō that serves to reverse the effects of Fūin. By tapping one's finger to a target's head, the practitioner may sever the reishi thread that was responsible for locking away the memories and connections induced by Fūin.

Enhanced Endurance: Rukia has shown to be incredibly resilient, which was proven and again and again throughout her harsh training with Ayumi and Sode no Shirayuki.

Enhanced Mind: Rukia has also shown to great mental fortitude, something that she, as a psychologist and therapist, needs in dealing with patients.

Hakuda Master: While not her preferred method of fighting, Rukia has also shown impressive skills in Hakuda, thanks to her apprenticeship under Ayumi Kuchiki. However, she doesn't show it with powerful kicks or punches; she shows it through her sharp reflexes and agility, mainly in relation in surprise throws to unbalance her opponent, or graceful spins, flips, and cartwheels to evade incoming attacks.

  • Ikkotsu (一骨, Single Bone): A powerful punch which can destroy much of the target's abdomen, send them flying along a city street, and throw them through a building. The only times Rukia has used this technique was in her inner world, in which she accepted a silly challenge from Sode no Shirayuki: to destroy a mountain with a single punch. The first attempt ended up with three broken fingers. On the second time, Rukia succeeded, but also received a minor concussion from the falling debris.
  • Raiōken (雷王拳, Thunder King Fist): The practitioner performs a series of ultra-high-speed punches with both arms. One could literally beat someone to a "bloody pulp" with this attack.
  • Oni Dekopin (鬼デコピン, Oni Headpoke): Pulling a finger back against their thumb, the practitioner flicks it at an opponent. The blow carries enough physical force to send the opponent flying a considerable distance away and crashing through multiple physical constructs. Rukia preferably uses a weakened version of this attack to jokingly punish her officers.
  • Kazaguruma (風車, Windmill): Throwing their body up into the air, the practitioner makes a shearing movement with their legs, allowing them to move one leg in front of the other, before performing a devastating kick which sends the target flying away with tremendous force. Rukia used a variation of this technique against Hiroku in their last spar.
  • Tesshō (鉄掌, Iron Palm): An open palm strike which can effortlessly shatter a Hollow's head with a single strike.
  • Tsukiyubi (撞指, Thrust Fingers): The practitioner extends the index and middle fingers of one hand in unison while they are in contact with an opponent, who is sent flying several meters away.

Immense Spiritual Pressure: As the Captain-Commander of the Gotei 13 and the previous Commander of the Kidō Corps, Rukia has access to an immense amount of reiryoku, which is needed to perform Kidō over long periods of time. Due to the nature of her zanpakutō, Rukia's reiatsu is naturally cold. Just a flare of her reiatsu can cause snow to fall, freeze bodies of water, and produce chilling winds. If enraged, she can cause the temperature of her surroundings to plummet forty degrees below zero.

Shunpo Master: Under Akimoto and Ayumi's tutelage, Rukia has shown to be highly proficient in Shunpo, able to travel long distances and reach areas in a heart-beat without wasting excess energy. She skillfully incorporates this speed in fighting.

  • Utsusemi (空蝉, Cicada): Moving at great speed, Rukia can leave an afterimage which can appear to have taken damage
  • Senka (閃花, Flash Blossom): Rukia moves behind the opponent to directly attack and seal their "Saketsu (鎖結, Chain Binding)" and "Hakusui (鎖結, Soul Sleep)" in two rapid attacks. The movement is so fast, an opponent may not be able to tell whether they were attacked from the front or the back, and even an outside observer may find it impossible to tell what the movements are. Although she is proficient in this technique, Rukia rarely utilizes it in combat.

Inner WorldEdit

Once Rukia assumes a jinzen position, she is whisked away into a beautiful, snowy landscape. There are frosty trees that dot the snowy ground, and snowflakes lazily spiral down from blotches of gray clouds that hide the sun from her view. Snow-capped mountains can be seen off in the distance, cutting into the sky like white-tipped daggers. A lake is situated approximately in the center, filled with beautiful, cold, clear water that can only be seen during the summer, as it is completely frozen over in iridescent layers of ice throughout the remainder of the year.

Unless Rukia visits during the summer, the sky is completely gray and a chill can be felt no matter where she goes. Sometimes, a sunset sets the backdrop of her otherwise colorless inner world, turning the sky into harsh blends of red and orange with the occasional golden streaks. Everything is silent, save for the sounds of her steps crunching into the layers of thick snow and a haunting melody drifting through the air. An occasional breeze can be felt from time to time, ominous but awe-inspiring. Sode no Shirayuki can be found in this harsh landscape, a pinnacle of beauty in the coldness of the terrain.


Sode no Shirayuki (袖白雪, Sleeved White Snow) : In its sealed form, it looks like a regular kantana. It has a reddish-brown hilt and an intricate, rectangular tsuba. When released, Rukia turns the blade counter-clockwise and in doing so, cold air rushes from all directions. During the process, the entire zanpakuto turns white with the addition of a long ribbon flowing out the pommel. Rukia can also release her zanpakutō by running her hand down the blade, which produces a sparkling ice cloud that coats the sword and initiates the Shikai. It is regarded as the most beautiful zanpakutō in Soul Society.

  • Sode no Shirayuki (Sealed)
  • Sode no Shirayuki (Shikai)
  • Sode no Shirayuki (Night)
  • Yukion'na no Ikari (Bankai)

Shikai (Release Command: Dance・舞え, Mae)

Important Note: Sode no Shirayuki's primary ability is freezing. This makes it a versatile Zanpakutō in and out of combat, such as creating ice platforms in midair or repairing the blade if damaged. During the night, or in any dark areas, the blade practically glows a brilliant white, as if absorbing all sources of light within its deadly edge. When swung in this state, a trail of white light follows the blade, reminisce of a crescent moon.

Some no Mai, Kouri ShuugekiEdit


Some no Mai, Kouri Shuugeki (First Dance, Freeze Raid)

Type Offensive
Cost Low - Medium
Range Long
Description Launches a crescent of cold, blue spiritual energy at the opponent, with wisps of white reiryoku trailing behind the blast as it flies. The more reiryoku is put into the attack, the more destructive it is. If Rukia funnels less reiryoku into the attack, then instead of exploding upon impact, it will freeze the surrounding area. Rukia can use this attack in rapid succession, and can even retain its power in the core of her zanpakutō for surprise, unorthodox attacks (i.e, changing the form in which it flies, like a spiraling arc instead of a crescent). At full power, Rukia is capable of freezing and cleaving a mountain in half.

Tsugi no Mai, Nisui SekiEdit


Tsugi no Mai, Nisui Seki (Next Dance, Ice Shield)

Type Defensive
Cost Medium
Range Long
Description By imbuing the water in the atmosphere with her reiryoku, Rukia can create a strong shield of ice in the shape of a large snowflake to defend herself from attacks. Upon being struck, at Rukia’s command, the shield will retaliate by shooting out a barrage of blue energy bullets. Rukia can control the path of the bullets by moving the shield. Anyone with 5 more points than her in REI can shatter the shield.

San no Mai, Daiyamondo DasutoEdit


San no Mai, Daiyamondo Dasuto (Third Dance, Diamond Dust)

Type Offensive
Cost High
Range Short
Description Once Rukia activates Daiyamondo Dasuto, she is covered from head to toe in icy blue reiatsu with accents of arctic white. Ice emits from her as well, taking the form of swirling snowflakes that seem to chime somberly as they twinkle and drift to the ground. Before initiating this dance, she freezes the air around her to form a blade made of ice that looks identical to Sode no Shirayuki. With both weapons, Rukia is able to dual-wield and launch a combo of icy attacks on her opponent, forming ice crystals wherever she hits. The size of the crystals depends on the concentration of reiryoku behind the attack, but since she usually attacks in the form of an icy barrage, the size of the crystals is usually no bigger than an apple. If the crystal gets destroyed or struck again, they will shatter and explode, causing severe damage to anyone within a five feet radius. Her reiatsu cloak helps protect her from the explosion, but it does nothing to her actual defense in terms of stats. The appearance of her combos is that of a “diamond dust,” as the constant explosions pushes her enemies back and shrouds them in a cloud of twinkling ice shards. In bankai, Rukia has to forsake dual swords to compensate for her scythe. The ability is still enhanced nonetheless, with the explosion able to inflict grave damages to anyone within a five-meter radius.

Bankai (雪女の怒り, Yukion'na no Ikari・Snow Princess's Wrath)

  • Rukia and Sode no Shirayuki
  • Rukia in Bankai
Rukia initiates her bankai by flourishing Sode no Shirayuki clockwise, ending with the blade pointing perpendicular to the ground. During this process, she is enveloped by a column of white reiatsu that rockets up to the heavens, which darkens the skies and allows an unnerving chill to permeate the air. When the reiatsu disperses along with a chilly blast of arctic winds, snow will fall heavily from the skies and Rukia can be seen adorned in a white kimono with lined patterns. A small flower brooch made of ice pins the robe at her chest. The robe also has long sleeves and an ornate collar with lined designs, as well as white ribbons tied at the back that forms loops, reminisce of a butterfly's wings. A half crown of ice encircles the back of her head. Her hair also turns white in Bankai, and her irises fade from violet to a light blue. Instead of a snow-white katana, an elegant white scythe with iridescent blue hues occupies her hands.

Saigo no Mai, Zettaireido (Bankai)Edit


Saigo no Mai, Zettaireido (Final Dance, Absolute Zero)

Type Offensive
Cost Medium
Range Short - Long
Description The strength of Zettaireido lies in the duration of battle. This technique utilizes the heavy snowfall caused by Bankai release, and enslaves it to Rukia’s will. The longer a battle drags on, the more snowflakes Rukia has at her disposal and the faster the temperature of her surroundings will drop (with Absolute Zero being strictly out of combat). With these snowflakes, Rukia can manipulate them in countless of ways such as crafting weapons and walls, or she can convert them into mist or waves of frigid water. Given enough time, she can even change the landscape into a frozen wasteland with relative ease, should she wish to (out of combat).


  • [Hi™ How Are You Today?] "Wing-Stock" - Ashley MacIsaac (Main)
Ashley MacIsaac - Wing-Stock

Ashley MacIsaac - Wing-Stock


  • [Bleach Beat Collection 4] "Echo" - Kuchiki Rukia (Fumiko Orikasa)
Bleach Beat Collection Fourth Session 04 Echo

Bleach Beat Collection Fourth Session 04 Echo



  • Her favorite foods are cucumbers, eggs, rice dumplings, and dango.
  • Rukia has a sweet tooth.
  • Her greatest fear is to die alone.
  • Rukia didn't win anything at the first Golden Lions.
  • Rukia won Best Captain at the Golden Lions 2nd Award Show.
  • Rukia won Character You Miss the Most, Saddest Death, and Funniest Moment in the Golden Lions 3rd Award Show.
  • Rukia hates bacon
  • Rukia is painfully oblivious about romance
  • Her fighting style is based off Aqua's in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep.
  • Most of her techniques were taught to her by Ayumi Kuchiki, who filled in the gaps of her training after Ryoma's death. After Ayumi's untimely death, Rukia mostly self-taught herself to advance her skills, and with the help of Sode no Shirayuki to augment her experience and reaction time, molded her fighting style into what it is today.
  • In the earlier days of the RP, back when canon characters roamed the subreddits, Rukia was nearly scrapped to fit the majority's opinion that canon characters were not allowed. In the end, all canon characters except for Rukia and Coyote Starrk were booted. The OC that would have replaced her had twin-souled Zanpakutō, with one blade representing darkness and the other, light.
  • Her last words to the outside world were "Thank you." However, her true last words were "____ ___ ___ __ ___ ____ ____." Both quotes were meant to be cryptic, though the former in particular can have various meanings. Its interpretation is entirely up to readers.
  • Her death scene was posted on January 14th, which is coincidentally the birth date of the Rukia Kuchiki from Bleach.
  • Her favorite Kidō was Hadō 33, Sōkatsui. The last Kidō cast before her death was Hadō #90, Kurohitsugi.
  • The blade that was once Sode no Shirayuki is now kept in pristine condition within the Kuchiki Clan confines.
  • Rukia will return as a ______ in /u/darthnick426's filler.


  • (To Hinata Banteki) "In a battle, the ones who get in the way are not the ones that lack power, but the ones that lack resolve."
  • (To Sode no Shirayuki) "If I cannot explain it simply, then that is a clear indication that I do not understand it enough."
  • (To Hiroku Shikuga shortly before knocking him out with a frying pan) "Goodnight, Shikuga-kun."
  • (To Yoshito Tanaka) "The difference between being strong and being weak is whether or not you have the strength to endure. And trust me, Yoshi-kun... You have endured so much already."
  • (To Hiroku Shikuga) "As long as you triumph in battle, it doesn't matter what or how it happened. Honor or not, the one who ends up dead is always the loser no matter how you look at it."
  • (To Higosha Banteki) "In the end, strength isn't everything. As I understand it, you had left the Seireitei because Kiyoshi had wounded your honor, your pride, by stripping you of your captaincy, then wounding you further by offering your captaincy back via a Hell Butterfly rather in person. To leave because of that... To leave the Seireitei and all those you hold dear because of that... I'm afraid that is something I cannot understand."
  • (To Fiona on Reikaizo's death) "No matter how much you wished you were there... No matter how much wisdom is instilled in the decisions you make, no one can know for sure what will happen in the end. It's not your fault."
  • (To Asuka Haruko) "For every death, do not drown yourself in regret. Honor every death, and fight your hardest to protect the next life. Do not be afraid, for it is your blade that can ward off the fear that others are experiencing as well."
  • (To Hiroku Shikuga) "I WOULDN'T UNDERSTAND?! You don't know me, Shikuga-kun... The only thing you truly know about me is my NAME!"
  • (To Fiona about Shinigami) "Maybe. It's our job, but that doesn't mean we have to necessarily understand the exact complications. The overall reason is simple; to protect all souls and to guide them through the cycle of life, and by extension, preventing the destruction of the world. It's not only a duty... It's a necessity. As are Hollows. If you ask me... Doing what's right is a very risky territory to breach. In your case, 'to do what's right'... Is it really for Azumi? Or is it for you... For your conscience to be at peace?"
  • (To Hiroku Shikuga) "A Shinigami without a zanpakutō... No matter how strong they may be in a certain field, without a zanpakutō, you're nothing"
  • (To Iruma) "What reason do you have for being in my office, Iruma? If you’re here to taunt me about the past, then I advise that you leave. What happened between us will be settled in due time, that I can promise you… However, the sake of my Division comes before my own needs. And when the time comes when I have to relinquish my haori… Then, I will kill you with my own hands... or I will meet my end by your blade. And when that day comes, I will find you. Not the other way around."
  • (To Chiyo) "Chiyo… What I want cannot be found here. I need peace and quiet, and here is the last place where I can find it. You act like I’m some sort of prodigy… I’m not. I’ve only been able to come this far because I’m a stubborn fool that doesn’t know when to give up. I’m not afraid. Fear is something that I refuse to show to the enemy. Not even Averonis or Azzuro has seen fear mar my visage; I made sure of that. And Chiyo… You should know better. I’m not one to run away. As a noble, it is not the ones below me who is tasked in defending me, rather it is I who will protect them. A noble isn’t supposed to be someone basking in luxuries, or scheming for power. Actions such as those are despicable. If I have the power, the potential to change the fate laid in front of us, then I will do all I can. That has always been the resolve of Kuchiki Rukia."
  • (To a Seraphim, moments before slewing him) "Sayonara."
  • (To Iruma) "I can never forgive anyone who attempts to destroy what I must protect."
  • (Thinking to herself after slaying Ryoma) "How... Why... Why did it have to end like this? It wasn't suppose to turn out this way... Why... Ryoma-kun... Why you?"
  • (To Iruma) "It's a promise."
  • (To Central 46) "No... No... No. You have it all wrong... I didn't kill Nee-san!"
  • (To Nikorasu Akimoto) "Fifty years... It has been fifty years since that day on Sokyoku Hill. It troubles me to this day. Whatever information in hidden in the UDB... I need it. Anything to alleviate this guilt, this helplessness. I understand that my pleas and request are absurd and disgusting for one of nobility... but I beg you... Please"
  • (To herself after awakening from a nightmare) "I hate the rain... Especially during storms. They remind me of that night on Sōkyoku Hill, where everything changed for the worst."
  • (To herself, wishing upon a comet) "I wish... I wish for... Um... Chocolate!"
  • (To Ren Avernacus) "You can call me whatever you want, as long as it's not insulting."
  • (To Averonis) "It appears that I made it just in time... We meet again, angelic bastard."
  • (To Averonis) "Averonis. Today, this maiden of white—will cleanse you from this realm"
  • (Last Words) "Thank you."
  • (Last Words) "____ ___ ___ __ ___ ___ ____."