Neives Vasquez
Status Sealed in fox form
Reddit Username /u/Neives_Vasquez
Race Arrancar
Birthday 5th November
Gender Female
Height 6ft
Blood Type AB+
Family Vasquez
Professional Status
Base of Operations Forest behind Kobayashi Manor
Affiliation Las Noches
Number 18
Espada Alvaro Lobo
Alignment Rebel Impure


Name: Neives Vasquez

Sex: Female

Height: 6ft

Eye Color: Amber




Neives Human

Emilia Katherine Grey

Neives was born Emilia Katherine Grey on 5th November 1491, she had a noble upbringing in Suffork England, and died in 1509 aged 18, from a fatal case of the Black Plague.

She became a Hollow due to the nature of her death, and being torn from her family and betrothed, wandering the Human World for some time before residing herself mostly to Hueco Mundo, only leaving to sate her hunger for souls. She kept this up for around 80 years.

Eventually she had eaten enough human souls to become Gillian, and began not only hunting for human souls, but also weaker hollow than herself. She roamed between the Human World and Hueco Mundo in this form, devouring all who crossed her path. She found another similar to her, although lost him when they had attacked a group of weaker hollow, a Shinigami had intervined and killed them all but Neives, who had managed to escape. She soon forgot about the event after meeting others along the way, which she consumed after becoming stronger than them rather quickly.

Around 60 years later she made the transition into Adjuchas, her form becoming more animalistic than hollow, taking the shape of a fox type creature. She found herself roaming the sands of Hueco Mundo for several decades before meeting others of her kind. They eventually convinced her it was a good idea to try pull her own mask off, which she attempted several times before being sucessfull. They would laugh at her failed attempts each time, though it only developed her resistance to the pain over time, perhaps a forboding to the ability she would obtain upon becoming Arrancar.

Her sucess came another 60 years after her transformation to Adjuchas form. Ripping her mask of still hurt her although she seemed to be able to dull it slightly, the failed attempts having ruined her over the years of trying. Once she was Arrancar she destroyed those she was with for laughing at her attempts, she was the one laughing now. Though without her troop she was alone, and roamed aimlessly for decades, slowly driving herself to a state of childlike amusement, where she could find pleasure in the smallest of things.

It took her 300 years after becoming Arrancar to finally enter Las Noches, her childlike state had caused her to be somewhat fearful, and worry about what the other Arrancar would do to her, after all those she got close to before had dissapointed or ridiculed her.


Theme song:
The Fox by Ylvis Meets Metal

The Fox by Ylvis Meets Metal


Relationships with others

Arrancar Status
Alvaro Alvaro is probably the person Neives looks up too most of all, not only because he is her Espada but because she can see good in him. She had a crush on him for a long time, although has since shifted her affection elsewhere.
Drake She doesn't like Drake, but she doesn't dislike him either. She isn't really happy about what happened when him and Alvaro faught, even with her healing abilities she had struggled to bring Alvaro back from it.
Shizu Hates his guts. She blames him for the fight between Drake and Alvaro, which is why she refused to heal him. Though as much as she hates him, she does feel bad that he died.
Lysander Neives current fancy, she hasn't done anything about it due to shyness. They spend a lot of time together hunting and training.
Laxus Having met only a couple of times Neives doesn't have much opinion on the Espada, although she sees him as a good person.
Felix He creeps her out.
Sadako Neives thinks of Sadako as a very good friend. Along with Cade they made a trio of michevious little fraccion and had plenty of fun.
Cade Also a very good friend. She adores the cute little hollow and thinks of him similar to how she would think of a little brother.
Shinigami Status
Shin The only Shinigami Neives even likes, he showed her kindness when they first met and she swiftly began to like him. Ever so often she would sneak off into Seireitei to visit him and have drinking competitions.
Hiroku The Shinigami she hates most, although she does not know who he is. She beleieves he shares the blame for the fight between Drake and Alvaro, as if he weren't in Las Noches with Kisuke it would have never happened.
Azumi Neives dislikes Azumi by assosiation, again she does not know exactly who Azumi is. Their first meeting was actually pleasant and Neives quite liked her, although after Drake and Alvaros fight, Azumi's refusal to help heal Alvaro upset her.