Natsuko Itou
Race Shinigami
Gender Male
Height 6'2"
Professional Status
Affiliation Seireitei
Division 8
Position Squad 8 Captain
Shikai White Tiger (Byakko - 白虎)
Bankai White Tiger Lightning God (Raijin Byakko - 雷神白虎)

Natsuko Itou (伊藤 夏子, Itou Natsuko) is the captain of the Eighth Division. Natsuko was a member of the original Gotei 13, and has remained Captain of the Eighth Division ever since.


Natsuko takes the appearance of a 6'2" tall young man in his mid twenties. His hair is messy, medium-length and blond. His eyes are blue.

Natsuko wears the standard Shihakusho and Captain's Haori, lined in cerulean.


Natsuko is outwardly friendly towards all those who show him the same friendliness, but is plagued by laziness and a lack of morals.


Appearance: When unreleased, Byakko takes the appearance of a katana with double lightning-bolt design on tsuba and yellow tsuka.

Inner WorldEdit

Natsuko's inner world takes the appearance of an endless mountain range, where a constant lightning storm rages.

Shikai - White Tiger (Byakko - 白虎)Edit

Appearance: In Shikai, Byakko takes the appearance of two white wakizashi with the same hilt as when unreleased.
Release: Roar (Todoroku - 轟く)

Passive Ability: Lightning Bite (Raikou - 雷咬)Edit

Byakko is wrapped in an electric field. If Byakko comes into contact with an enemy or their blade, they are paralyzed and inflicted with lightning damage.
EKL: 50
Drawbacks: Someone with more Reiatsu than Natsuko is not affected by the paralysis.

Lightning Curtain (Raii - 雷帷)Edit

The light around Natsuko is bent, hiding his appearance and Reiatsu.
Effect: Natsuko can activate Raii to 100% dodge the next attack. If he uses Shunpo to dodge the attack instead, his next attack counts as a Shunpo-to-attack move.
Drawbacks: Can only be used once every 3 turns.

Bankai - White Tiger Lightning God (Raijin Byakko - 雷神白虎)Edit

Rai Byakko maintains the same appearance as Shikai, except the blades extend to become a wakizashi and a nodachi (left and right hands respectively).

Ability UpgradeEdit

The effects of Raikou extends to cover Natsuko's entire body. Physical attacks on him apply the same effects as Raikou in Shikai.

White Lightning Bite (Haku Raikou - 白雷咬)Edit

When swung, Rai Byakko emits a huge wave of electricity that paralyses an enemy when struck.
EKL: 80
Drawbacks: Same as Raikou.