Lorcian Kobayashi
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Status Alive
Reddit Username Lorcian
Race Shinigami
Birthday 20th April
Gender Female
Height 5'4"
Weight 8st 9
Blood Type B-
Family Kobayashi
Professional Status
Base of Operations Kobayashi Manor
Affiliation Seireitei
Previous Affiliation Hell (Temporarily)
Division 8
Position Captain
Previous Division Squad 7

Squad 12

Squad 3

Squad 1

Previous Position Squad 12 4th Seat

Squad 12 Lieutenant

Squad 1 Lieutenant

Squad 7 Captain

Squad 12 Captain

Squad 3 Captain

Captain Commander

Squad 8 Lieutenant

Previous Partner Sumiko Hadashi - Captain

Makato Kiyoshi - Captain

Rathan Zerif - Lieutenant (Deceased) Utakata Kotsoku - Lieutenant

Kokishin Nengen - Lieutenant

Mal - Lieutenant

Asuka Haruko - Lieutenant

Ryatso Matsumori - Captain

Partner Shin Kobayashi - Husband
Alignment Chaotic Good
Release Command 地獄高め Jigoku takame (Raise hell)
Shikai 暗い魂 Kurai tamashī (Dark soul)
Bankai 悪夢燃料 Akumu nenryō (Nightmare fuel)
Sealed Weapon Duel Katana and Wakazashi
Tsuba shape Gauntlets


Name: Lorcian Kobayashi

Nicknames: Lorci

Age: 383 just after timeskip

D.O.B: 20th April

Race: Shinigami

Gender: Female

Blood Type: B-

Marital Status: Married


Height: 5'4"

Weight: .8st9

Hair: Long Red

Eyes: Purple (Glow slightly with reiatsu)

Skin: Pale

Body type: Slim

Lorcian has a slender but curvy body type with average size bust (B), she has naturally lush lips and has a bionic left eye, which she created after some time of her eye being missing. She has several tattoos although they aren't normally visible. She wears a short sleeveless version of the usual Shinigami attire (A cross between Soi Fon and Nemu.)  though she wears a pink ribbon down the seams and a green sash. Her Haori is quite normal for a Captain's although she had some custom made fitted to her body shape.


Lorcian is kind and tries to help others any way she can. She can be cold and more harsh when the situation calls for it though. She thinks tactically and comes up with many paths to take in situations before executing the plan and will never give up on her mission, taking charge of the situation when she has too. She cares deeply about Seireitei and the people within it, and would do anything for her closest friends, as she has shown to do many times in the past.

She does have a fiery side, although she has begun to control it more. With her most recent revelation she had some growth and bonding time with herself, deciding she wasn't the Captain she had always aspired to be, and that she was going to work to improve what she felt were her downfalls. The one time she would struggle to control her temper was if her family, friends or Seireitei was ever in danger or under threat. She would show anger to the greatest degree at the enemy, although she would push hard against it clouding her judgement in the situation.

She knows the value of information and strives to gain as much out of things as she can, often resorting some somewhat strange methods. This can sometimes cause people to misunderstand her, she never has any ill intention towards those of her allies, and just enjoys playing the prank of "rustling their jimmies". Contrary to popular belief Lorcian does actually have a strong set of morals, and sticks by them or she would be doing herself a great grievance.

"She needed to sort herself out, and become the Captain she had aspired to be since entering the Gotei 13, she had looked up to Sumiko, Higosha and Aethos for long enough to know what sort of Captain she really desired to be. Today would be the first steps towards becoming that person. She wouldn't let all those who had been before her be disappointed, or have died in vain. She would succeed."


Pre-Gotei 13

Lorcian grew up in a shady area of Rukongai, with Shin Kobayashi, they looked out for each other trying to survive the day to day life in Rukongai. Eventually passing Shinigami discovered Lorcians higher than average Spritual Pressure and took her to the Academy, though reluctant to leave she was talked into it, being fairly young and impressionable. This meant she left Shin alone, every so often she would sneak out of the Academy and bring him food and stories of her training. When she was inducted into the Gotei 13 it became difficult for her to sneak off to see Shin , so they said goodbye to each other through tears and carried on their lives.

History as a Shinigami

When she passed the Academy she joined Division 12, during her time as an unseated officer she helped with experiments.

After some years passed, she met an old friend who had joined the ranks of the Gotei 13, Shin had worked his way through the Academy and joined the 2nd Division. They quickly began to rebuild their friendship, and eventually it became more.

One experiment went wrong and she was caught in the crossfire, her entire body becoming mutated, it was at this point she discovered her Shikai, and her Zan's name, Dakuso. Now having to wear a respirator to breathe she carried on best she could, training to use her new ability in her spare time.

Eventually she moved up the ranks and became 4th seat, by this point she had become close to 3rd seat Sumiko Hadashi , they were like sisters and Sumiko would look out for Lorcian when she got herself into trouble.
Lorcian & Sumiko Colour

Captain Sumiko Hadashi and Lieutenant Lorcian Kouyou

Eventually she was moved to Lieutenant Rank, and Sumiko had become the Captain. By this point Lorcian was close to achieving her Bankai, after training with Dakuso (Her current Zan)


It is unknown how Lorcian achieved Bankai. She has never disclosed the information to anyone.

Trip to Las Noches

During the invasion of the Parasite Hollow Lorcian and Sumiko were kidnapped by Arrancar and taken to Las Noches. Upon arrival they were seprerated and Lorcian was taken to an Arrancar's quarters. When she found a chance she escaped and ran encoutering a few arrancar on the way. Eventually she ran into Division 13 Captain Hinata Matsuo , who was attenpting to negotiate her and Sumiko's return to Seireitei. Shortly after an Arrancar showed up and took Lorcian away again, stopping to get Sumiko on the way to the garden.

Upon reaching the gardens Sumiko and Lorcian went to work examining the flowers and collecting samples, until Lorcian discovered the plant used in the experiment all those years ago. Sumiko found logs and data about the plant in the databases and found out how to cure Lorcian of her mutation.

They replicated the experiment in Las Noches and cured Lorcian of the mutation, but it caused her a great deal of pain, and so the Arrancar was forced to return them to Seireitei so she could be healed fully.


After her time as Lieutenant of Division 12 things began to change, Shin resigned his position to go and work full time in his restaurant, knowing that with a 4th child on the way they would need as much money as they could get, and the restaurant was the ideal way to make it. Lorcian was tearfully promoted to his old position under the Captain Commander.


After a time Lorcian found her toxin powers weakening, and as a result her Zanpakuto changed over time, slowly rejecting the toxin and becoming more plant life, at first it was a hybrid of plant and toxin, but before long the toxin had completely detoxed from her body and her true abilities manifested themselves. She discovered her ability to talk to plants and help them grow, this reflected itself in her zan.


After a while, the Captain of Division 7, up and left, leaving the position open. After severeal days of debates the Captains finally found a majority vote that Lorcian should take up the seat.

(For more history, please refer to the Character Development below)

Powers and Abilities

  • Lorcian's Shikai
  • Kurai tamashi inside Lorcian's inner world.
  • Kurai tamashi inside Lorcian's inner world.
  • Kurai tamashi inside Lorcian's inner world.
  • Kurai tamashi inside Lorcian's inner world.
  • Kurai tamashi inside Lorcian's inner world.
  • Kurai tamashi when he materializes


暗い魂 Kurai tamashī (Dark soul)

Release command

地獄高め Jigoku takame (Raise hell)

Upon releasing her Zanpakuto, they both change shape and form around both her forearms into gauntlets, melding with her bionics.

Inner World

Eurpoean castle, dark interior and rather derelict.


最初に打つ Saisho ni utsu (Punch First)


最初に打つ Saisho ni utsu (Punch First)

Type Offencive
Cost Medium
Stat Hak/Hoho
Range Medium
Description In a rush of power, Lorcian dashes towards her target with speed appearing next to them from the direction she is facing. As she reaches them she swings forward with one or both fists in a super powered punch/double punch.

On contact it deals a burst of damage and sends a shockwave of force in a crecent around Lorcian (like an aftershock*), knocking anyone within range backwards.

(* Think of how a meteor would hit the earth, and send out a wave of aftershock because of the force of contact)

の防衛係合する No bōei kakaria suru (Defending Engagement)

Name の防衛係合する No bōei kakaria suru (Defending Engagement)
Type Defensive/Offensive
Cost Medium
Stat Han/Hak
Range Close Combat
Description Placing her gauntlets together they lock in and create a shield in front of her, upon sucessful blocking she pushes forward towards the attacker with force causing considerable damage.

Alternatively if used without an incoming attack to block, it would work like a shield bash, causing the effect of a sucessful block.

Blocks: If attackers 'attacking stat' is equal too or lower than Lorcian's (Han + 3).

Dodge: Attacker dodges counter if their (hak/hoho is equal to or higher than Lorcian's hak/hoho+1)


Bankai - 悪夢燃料 Akumu nenryō (Nightmare fuel)

Upon releasing Bankai, Lorcian's gauntlets travel further up her arms and envelop her body increasing her defence. (via the +2 Han Bankai boost)

The cybernetics is less bulky than her Shikai, meaning she can move easier and isn't hindered by it. (via the +2 Hoho Bankai boost)

As her Shikai merges her blades with her bionic forearms, her Bankai now continues and merges with her left eye, helping her vision improve and her accuracy to become better. (via the +2 Buk Bankai boost)

Finally as it covers her muscles it improves her strength, as her Zanpakuto are working with her in such a way that they are in sync. (via the +2 Hak Bankai boost)

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死の抱擁 Shi no hōyō (Embrace of death)

Name 死の抱擁 Shi no hōyō (Embrace of death)
Type Offence/Utility
Cost High, 5 turn cooldown
Stat Rei/Hak
Range Close to long

From the back of Lorcian's shoulders, tentacles made of liquid metal whip out around her. For three turns she can use them as a weapon to attack or defend, or to bind her opponent. The metal is the same as her Zanpakuto blades, the deep red metal conducts her reiatsu well as with her bionics and is how she so fluidly controls them.

If used to attack, they can whip around at range. With the material being liquid metal, the ends of the tentacles can form into blades for an attack. When augmented by her dark energy, it can also infect with Hell energy.

When used in defence, they work the same as a regular weapon would block.

When used to bind, if sucessful the bind duration is based on stat:

  • Lorcian's Rei +1/2 = Oppenents Rei - 1 turn
  • Lorcian's Rei -0/1= Oppenents Rei - 2 turn
  • Lorcian's Rei -2/3 = Oppenents Rei - 3 turn
  • Lorcian's Rei -4/5 = Oppenents Rei - 4 turn
  • Lorcian's Rei -6/7 = Oppenents Rei - 5 turn
  • Lorcian's Rei -8/9 = Oppenents Rei - 6 turn


(+2) 20{{{reiryoku bonus}}}(+2) 20{{{seijuu bonus}}}(+2) 12(+2) 20
HAN 18 (+2) 20
REI 13
HAK 18 (+2) 20
BUK 10 (+2) 12
HOH 18 (+2) 20
Base points 40
Earned 44 (Master Log)
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 84


She has 5 children, twins Hine and Tsukine who are now young adults, Kisuke who is a still in the Academy, and Sayuri , who is a young child. Her and Shin also adopted Ben and acted as his parents.

Tsukine after being in a relationship with Utakata Kotsoku for a while, fell pregnant, and around the same time Sayuri was born she had a baby boy named Izuru. Izuru is the first of Lorcian and Shin's Grandchildren.

She is also the creator of 2 Hybrids, Caesar and Colomba, The twins and hybrids are all the same age, the twins being a few months younger. 

Caesar  became twisted and even the arrancar ended up rejecting him, Lorcian's husband Shin , ended up killing him, after he attacked Lorcian twice, hurting her badly.

She is the creator of Reco-netikon and Gex

Lorcian has won a handful of Golden Lions awards; In the First Golden Lions she won Most likely to become Captain Next, which shortly after she achieved. In the 2nd Golden Lion's she won no awards, although came one point behind Makato Kiyoshi for Sexiest Female. In the 3rd Golden Lions she won Sexiest Female, joint Best Couple with Shin  along with Single Most Epic Moment, conserning the time she fed Utakata his pet Guinea Pig.

Theme song:

Imagine Dragons - Demons (Official)

Imagine Dragons - Demons (Official)