Korren Yashwaii: Lieutenant of Squad 3Edit


Name:  Korren Yashwaii

Position: Lieutenant of Squad 3

Sex: Male

Height: 5'8

Weight: 170.3

Hair: Buzz cut

Eye Color: Black


Looks Description: A black teen-looking boy with super short hair. Usually seen with an expression of anger on his face.

Reiryoku Color: Golden

Personality: Serious.

Hobbys/Interests: Reading, meditating, studying, running.

Zanpakuto Edit


REI: 10

HAK: 7


BUK: 10

HOH: 10

Inner WorldEdit


Release: Strike amongst the clouds..

Ability 1:Way of Lightning-Replicating Lightning Shurikens

Korren's right arms hold five metallic shurikens. When thrown, each shurkien becomes enfused with lightning and replicates to twenty-five shurikens made purely of lightning. Korren can only use this attack five times a fight. 

Cool Down: 4 Turns

Ability 2: Way of Thunder- Sound Grenades.Edit

Korren's left arm holds three small clear balls. Korren fills the balls with reiatsu and throws them at his opponents. Each ball not only damages his opponents but it stuns them for two turns.

Cool Down: 3 Turns

Bankai- Lightning Ninja's RageEdit

The skies fill with storm clouds and lightning strikes frequently while it rains. Korren's katana turns into a hilt with a blade of a steady stream of lightning. As soon as bankai is activated, Korren is struck by a bolt of lightning that forms a golden ninja mask that sends two streams of lightning down his back. Korren can use this stream to fly in the air.

Attack: Korren flies high into the sky and then down to his opponent. He throws a thunder grenade to stun his opponent as he goes in for a powerful sword slash. If it hits, the slash summons many bolts of lightning to strike his opponent. 


Pre-Gotei 13Edit

History as a ShinigamiEdit