Klark Jones
Race Human
Birthday October 30
Gender Male
Height 6'0
Weight 160
Blood Type O+
Professional Status
Affiliation Fullbringers
Position Ace
Partner Life partner: Tekken
Fullbring Natural Weapon
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Klark is a 17 year old black male. With black dreadlocks that stop at his neck. He normally wears a solid color shirt with a matching button down shirt over it. He keeps a toothpick in his shirt pocket or in his mouth. Klark also has a large scar on his back from one of his earlier hollow battles.


Sarcastic, doesn't take himself seriously and is rather silly and a vivid character, cares more for others than himself. If anyone hurts his friends he won't forgive them. Refuses to let trivial things bother him.


Natural Weapon when he snaps his toothpick, it aborbs into his body he can now shoot wooden spikes out of his body.(Think Naruto's Hashirama or edo tensei Madara level wood) Either in short bursts like bullets, or draws them at certain lengths to use in a variety of ways (i.e weapons, fire wood, darts, etc.).


Super sonic spike: Forms a 6" spike that breaks the barrier if sound when shot with a burst of green light. It moves at an incredibly fast speed and only extremly fast enemys would be able to completly dodge it. (4 turn cooldown.) 

Spiked defence: Before being attacked he can cover his body in small spikes, covering his entire skin of the threatened area. This can deflect any Hak or Buk based attack and cause a slight bit of damage if Hak based. He can use this to block an attack but Not every turn.

Elemental Absorbtion: Klark can use the solid elements around him to change the matter that makes up his spikes. For Example he can absorb the concrete to make more powerful but slower spikes or metal for more powerful and durable spikes. 


Klark is a runaway because he started seeing spirits at a young age (6).His mother was against his ability because it goes against religion. Usually his father kept Klark's mother at bay until he died in a car crash leaving behind a toothpick that he was using to quit smoking. At age 12, his mother had enough of his spiritual ability and sent him to an asylum. Klark escaped and ran away. Klark discovered his fullbring at age 17 when he was sitting at bar in New Orleans. When a hollow started to attack the bar for a soul that was sitting next to him. His complusive need to protect others awakened his fullbring as he snapped a toothpick out of desperation. Klark continued to "work" in the area until he was contacted by the Xcution.