Kenji Owakosu is the current 4th Seat of the 3rd Squad. He, at the time of the publishing of this page, is the newest addition to the Seireitei. He is the replacement account for the novelty account of Izuru Kira.


Kenji is of average height, at about 6 feet tall. He is slender, and has good muscle tone.

Kenji has dark brown hair that goes down to the back of his neck, and has a moustache that connects with his sideburns. He has a large pointed nose, which was the subject of ridicule during his childhood. He also has dark red eyes, but usually wears sunglasses to conceal them.


Kenji Owakosu was born in a poor district of the Rukongai. He never knew of his spiritual power until he was in a fight with a thug who tried to mug him. He nearly killed the man, and his Reiatsu flared, getting the attention of the Gotei 13. Soon after, he was admitted into the Academy, where he scored high in Zanjutsu and Hakuda, but abysmally in every other category.

Now, as a full-blown Soul Reaper, Kenji is ready to prove his worth!


Kenji's Zanpakto, Kokushibyo (Black Death), is a force to be reckoned with. When Kenji releases his Zanpakto, with the phrase "Purge all life, Kokushibyo!", his Zanpakto goes under a radical transformation. It turns from a standard katana to a kusarigama with a harpoon on the end of the chain. This allows for Kenji to wrap his opponent in the chains, and impale them with the harpoon.

Kokushibyo's ability is also not one to be taken lightly. If the Zanpakto stays in continuous contact with skin for a time (5 turns), the skin begins to rot, much like the Black Death on Earth. So, if the harpoon does not kill the enemy, they will rot away because of Kokushibyo's ability. Kenji is immune to this effect, obviously.


As mentioned before, Kenji scored high in Zanjutsu and Hakuda, but scored low in Kido and Hoho in the Academy. This means that he is easily outclassed in Kido, but he cannot be taken lightly in hand-to-hand or sword-to-sword combat. His stats goes as follows:


Level: NV-1

HAN: 7

REI: 6

HAK: 8

SEI: 4

BUK: 8

HOH: 6