Guerra's true form has distinctive features that seperate him from anything that lives within this time. Though he is one of the ancient demons of Hueco Mundo, he was gifted with a beautiful presence, as though he was a disgraced angel. His crimson hair and wings always pierce the eyes, even in the blackest nights. Despite his appearance, Guerra remains one of the most powerful and cruel beings to ever exist.


Guerra's cruelty brings fear to even the most emotionless warriors. His arrogance and neverending hunger for power led to his eventual downfall. Now, being trapped in the gemstone that Marques King now carries, Guerra has very little power in the material world. He retains some of his abilities, such as being able to merge living things in order to empower them. 


All that is known so far is that Guerra was one of the ancient rulers of Hueco Mundo. He dwelled in a giant crimson tower, and defeated his enemies with his legendary spear, Havoc. Not much is known about his fall from power and his fate sealed inside the gemstone.  He has made a deal with Marques to aid him in every way possible, as long as Marques offers him the soul of an extremely powerful shinigami, quincy, fullbringer and eventually Marques' soul & body itself. With these 4 things, Guerra can escape his fate inside the Gem and rise to power once again.

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

In his true form, Guerra's power is vast. Through the soul exploration that Marques went through, he has witnessed some of Guerra's abilities for himself:

Havoc: A red lightning lance that Guerra can condense his reiatsu into. It's piercing and destructive powers are immense.

Exitium: A red orb that Guerra charges in his hand and causes explosions with. The destructive power outclasses Gran Rey Cero.

Marques/Guerra ReleaseEdit

In the present world, Guerra is trapped inside the Gemstone. However, if Marques allows him to empower his body, they combine release into a mix of Arrancar and Demon. This form is not as powerful as Guerra's true form, but it embodies some of Guerra's rage and extraordinary offensive capabilities.