Alice.Baskerville.600.472921-1-"Those who kill must be prepared to be killed!"
Race Arrancar
Birthday Jan. 01
Gender Female
Height 5'3
Weight 113
Blood Type O -
Professional Status
Base of Operations Las Noches
Affiliation Espada
Position Sexta
Previous Position Fraccion of the Segunda
Previous Partner Cecelia, Rai Okami
Partner Drake
Aspect of Death Purity
Release Command Quemar
Resurreccíon Reina del Infierno
Sealed Weapon Two black scythes with white ribbons as handguards


Height: 5-5

Weight:116 lbs

Build: Small and Delicate in Appearance

Apparel: She wears full body armour similar to that of plate mail a knight would wear. The armour is thin but durable making for a flexible.

Hair: Silvery grey and to the backs of her knees.

Eyes: Light purple

Distinguishing Features: Mask covers the lower half of her face and looks like a knight helm.

Hollow Hole: at the center of her collar bone

Other Physical Characteristics: On the center of her back there is a tattoo of two wings along her shoulder blades.


Twin scythes wrapped with white ribbons as hand guards.

Fionna is a quiet, kind and shy girl. She detests fighting for the sake of fighting and only does so to protect friends. Having gotten over her shyness she is a very friendly person. She tries to console those in need and takes the side of anyone she feels to be similar to her, which is essentially all arrancar.

Ressureccion: Quemar! Reina del Infierno! (Scorch! Queen of Hell!)

When she releases her blades by crossing them infront of her, giving the appearance of wings, a plume of fire engulfs her body and shoots into the sky. When the plume dissapates Fiona's scythes have disappeared and are replaced by a pair of wings. The wings are held together by a framelike construct and from the frame fourteen blade shaped objects objects, or "fangs" as she calls them, hover off the frame. Then on a on her arm guards lay another set of fangs, one on each arm for a total of 16. The knightlike mask disappears and instead a reishi halo forms over her head. Her body is covered in an armour like fabric that uses her natural hierro to compensate for damage negation.  Each of the fangs can be independently controlled as both blades or long-range weapons.



Fuego Sagrado (Holy Fire)

Type Offensive
Cost Low
Range Long
Stat Rei/Sei
Description Outside of her ressureccion, Fiona swings one of her scythes that launches a bolt of flaming reishi at her opponent. In this form, it is more akin to a bala. Once released however, she can fire this attack from her fangs. In this form, they are much more like an actual bullet of condensed spirit energy. Each shot can requires one fang and multiple fangs can be used simultaneously.


Ardiente Tormenta Radiante (Radiant Blazing Storm)

Type Offensive
Cost Medium
Range Short to Mid
Stat Rei/Sei
Description Fiona raises both of her hands on this command and unloads a wave of fiery shots on her enemy eminating from her fangs. The attack moves with incredible speeds over a wide area. Because of this it is less accurate at farther distances. The scatter and damage function like a shotgun, the closer to it, the stronger it is. This technique requires five fangs to use.


Santa Sol Tiro (Holy Sun Shot)

Type Offensive
Cost High
Range High
Stat Rei/Sei
Description This is Fiona’s super technique. Using this takes all of her fangs and positions them in the same direction and condenses them into a single shot. Once condensed, she raises both hands and points them forward, releasing the stored energy in the fangs. A huge beam of fiery energy, similar to but not to be confused with a cero, is released in the direction the fangs are pointed.


{{{hankou bonus}}}(+2)(+4){{{seijuu bonus}}}{{{bukijuu bonus}}}(+2)
REI 18 (+2)
HAK 8 (+4)
SEI 17
BUK 18
HOH 18 (+2)
Base points 73
Earned 14 (Master Log)
Points spent on abilities 0
Total 87

Cero custumbre: Cero Estallando Sol



Shape:Arrow, double charge

Aoe: Lance

Grand special: Rapid Fire