Division 9
9th Division Insignia
Captain Yamashita Ritsu
Lieutenant Chisato Nakagawa
3rd Seat Position Available
4th Seat Position Available
5th Seat Position Available
Related Organizations Seireitei Communication


This division was in charge of the Seireitei Communication and currently runs The Seireitei Security Force.

"What I'm looking for in this division is loyalty and skill. Sure, artistic taste and skill is a plus; but if you have loyalty and skill, you're always welcome in 9th." - Haruki Kasai, Ex-Captain of the 9th Division.

"Try not to die. Get your paperwork done on time." - Words of wisdom from Yoshiko Nakahara, Ex-Captain of the 9th Division.

"Loyalty is all that matters. Loyalty to the Division, loyalty to the Seireitei, loyalty to me." - Yamashita Ritsu, Captain of the 9th.


Captain: Yamashita Ritsu (/u/Steel_Ninja)

Lieutenant: Chisato Nakagawa (/u/MissedTaunt)

Third Seat: Open

Fourth Seat: Open

Fifth Seat:  Open

Former MembersEdit

Name Position
Yoshiko Nakahara Captain
Sora 'Kat' Hayato Captain
Haruki Kasai Captain
Xeyj Sakeme Captain
Marju Raiki Lieutenant
Ben Vanderbergerk 3rd Seat
Renka Mugurama 4th Seat
Arashi Kiminari 4th Seat
Biumi Kyūryū 4th Seat

Squad InformationEdit

Area of juristiction: Greenland

Theme Song: Invaders Must Die - The Prodigy

Pokemon: Scizor

Mascot: Anthony 'Iron Man' Stark

Motto: 'Not on our watch!'

Color: Emerald

Flower: White Poppy

Seireitei Threat Level SystemEdit

Division 9 has 5 degrees of threat levels in regards to dangers to the Seireitei (whether directly or indirectly). Threat levels can be changed by the Captain and the Lieutenant at will. Lower seats may increase threat levels up to Beta, increasing it further can only be done by the Lieutenant or Captain.

  • Alpha (Level 0) - Standard threat level. No known threats to the Seireitei. Regular patrols still in effect. Ideal time to take vacations.
  • Beta (Level 1) - Minor threat detected outside the Seireitei. Usually able to be dispatched without a breach by a small team. Seated member intervention usually unneeded.
  • Gamma (Level 2) - Impending threat to the Seireitei. Used as a middle point for the higher levels, usually set when the threat is great but still unknown or is not directly affecting the Seireitei. Higher level threats from Hueco Mundo or the World of the Living are usually set to this level if it could reach the Seireitei.
  • Delta (Level 3) - Immediate threat to the Seireitei. The threat is usually attacking the Seireitei but have not breached it.
  • Epsilon (Level 4) - Highest threat level. Threat is inside the Seireitei. Exterminate with extreme prejudice.
  • Sigma (Secret) - Corruption within the Seireitei. All members of Division 9 are in lock down and are not to divulge information to the other Divisions until the threat level is lifted. No one outside of Division 9 are to be trusted during this time.


L.O.C. / LOC (Linked Overworld Communicator) - A small mask with a microphone and speaker built in, looks similar the bottom half of a Paintball mask. Used to communicate with other LOC users within a large area, each LOC also serves as an antenna which can create a largely linked web to cover a large area with communication. Every member of Division 9 is given a LOC upon entry with their own id attached to it.