Division 7
7th Division Insignia
Captain Takeshi "Kamina" Eto
Lieutenant Position Available
3rd Seat Position Available
4th Seat Anko Saeki
5th Seat Position Available


Welcome to Division 7. As a Division we pride ourselves on having fighting ability, passion in what we do, and most importantly loyalty to our subordinates.

Division 7 boasts huge greenhouses in the grounds along with an authentic Roman Bath House. The training grounds were enlarged and improved upon Lorcian's promotion to Captain, and a Forge was built for Lieutenant Rathan Zerif to craft his works.

Division 7 is in charge of creating new Asauchi for the new recruits in the Academy. Division seven is organised in a different manner to other squads, instead of seated members operating alone they are effectively leaders of their own companies within the division, there are ten companies within each with their own nicknames, company heraldry and specialty.

The 1st company is different in that it's entirely made up of division seven veterans and is lead by the Captain of Division seven, in order to even be considered for a seated position you must serve in the first company veterans.

Division 7 specialty is their lack of specialty, there strength is the division's ability to assist in any situation that they are required in be it assisting the far more combat oriented squads with front line assault or helping Division 4 with support oriented roles.

If you are looking to apply, we accept anyone who is loyal and enjoys fighting with skill.


Position OC Reddit User
Captain and Commander of 1st Company veterans "Valkyries" Takeshi "Kamina" Eto /u/Kuroikatsuchi
Lieutenant and Commander of 2nd Company Open Position
3rd Seat and Commander of 3rd Company Open Position
4th Seat and Commander of 4th Company Anko Saeki /u/Yusako
5th Seat and Commander of 5th Company Open Position

Unseated (6th seats, these are alt OC's):

OC Reddit User
Vin Takeru /u/dmccmanga
Seth /u/Coyote_Starrk

Previous Members Position
Captain Lorcian Kobayashi /u/Lorcian

Squad InformationEdit

Theme Song Collection:

Pokemon: Mother-Fucking-Honedge

Mascot: Catgirls (All of them)

Motto: Cede Nullis ("Yield to none")

Squad PicturesEdit