Division 6
6th Division Insignia
Captain Marju Raiki
Lieutenant Chi
3rd Seat Miku Sugimoto
4th Seat Position Available
5th Seat Position Available


Squad 6 is famously known as the model squad, with its loyal members and strict following of rules. It is also customary for a member of the Kuchiki clan to be a seated officer in this squad.

The 6th Squad is tasked with two duties. First they are to protect the Gotei from outside attack. This is accomplished by sending scouting parties to areas outside of the Soul Society in order to gain intelligence on enemy forces and their intentions. The second duty of the Squad is to uphold justice within Soul Society. In the event that a law is broken the members of this Squad are called upon to restrain and punish those responsible. While the 9th manages security within Seireitei the 6th is responsible for punishment of those that endanger that security. In that way the Squads work together.

After the invasion, by the Seraphim, the 6th Squad was reconstructed to act as a shelter in the event of further attack. The base is located two kilometers under the grounds of the Gotei and surrounded by Sekisekki stone, including the large training dome. In the event of an attack the unseated members of the 6th take the command structure of the Gotei, including the Central 46, to the dome where they would be essentially undetectable by any invading force. Civilians that are within the walls at the time of the attack are also taken there for their safety.

When not being used as a shelter the dome is equipped with technology from the 12th Squad that allows various training simulations to be created using holograms. These simulations can create virtually any enemy at any strength that is required by the user, in virtually any environment that they desire to train in.

Members of the 6th are allowed, and encouraged, to bring members of other Squads to the dome for training and to foster bonds with other members of the Gotei.

Current SeatsEdit

Captain: Marju Raiki

Lieutenant: Chi

3rd seat: Miku Sugimoto

4th seat: Position Available

5th seat: Position Available

Unseated Members: Takahiro Kuchiki

Former MembersEdit

Name Position
Nikorasu Akimoto Captain
Hoshiro Junomaru Captain
Haruki Kasai 4th Seat
Kokishin Nengen 3rd Seat
Shigeru Funaki Lieutenant
Cameron Kuchiki 3rd Seat
Miyuki Eto nee Kohana 3rd Seat
Mal Captain
Konan Shiga 3rd Seat

Squad InformationEdit

Resources for the Squad Theme Song: I Will Not Bow - Breaking Benjamin

Pokemon: Arcanine

Mascot: Denzel Washington

Motto: "We will not die dishonored."