Division 5
5th Division Insignia
Captain Renji Yamada
Lieutenant Marju Raiki
3rd Seat Hades Taoreta
4th Seat Mesaki
5th Seat Position Available
Related Organizations Human Realm Task Force


The 5th divisions main role is that of the Human Realm Task Force (HRTF). Its tasks are hollow exterminations and soul burials. As such the 5th division members are required to have experience with hollows, the human realm, and human behaviour. Also the 5th divison members are granted more "expeditions" to the human realm compared to other divisions so that they can allways stay up-to-date when it comes to human culture.

Our color is Yellow. The colour of sunshine, happiness, intellect, and energy. 



The 5th divison barracks are built in the style of a modern office. The building itself is kept simple while showing some style with the massive ammounts of glass used in the construction. It is build next to a lake and also has a yacht harbor for some of the higher ranked squad 5 members. It is currently the highest building in seireitei.

The inside of the building is also kept mostly out of glass and steel. It has wide open and bright areas so that artifictual light is unnecesarry in the top floors.

The captain office is found in the penthouse together with the captain quarters. Both kept decent while also providing the captain with the best view money can buy.

The most important part of the barracks is found in the basement which is only open for squad 5 members and captains. (The secret basement only to the squad 5 captain) It is the home of the dragonfly project and also a 24/7 open senkai gate.


Position Name Reddit username
Captain Renji Yamada /u/a_dolf_in
Lieutenant: Marju Raiki /u/Marju_Raiki
3rd seat Hades Taoreta /u/Captain_Mugurama
4th seat Mesaki /u/mesaki
5th seat

Former MembersEdit

Name Position

Aethos Kurumada  (Presumed Deceased)

1st Captain, Leader and founder of the HRTF

Shinya Tsubasa

2nd Captain, promoted to Captain Commander
Shin Kobayashi 3rd Captain, transfer to Division 4
Yuu Katsumi (Status Pending) Former Lieutenant
Hibōkine Shisha (Deceased) Former 4th Seat
Manobu Hamasaki (Status Pending) Former 4th Seat
Itsuki Yamauchi (Status Pending) Former 3rd Seat

Dragonfly ProjectEdit


Dragonfly Drone

The Dragonfly Project has been created as addition to the activities of the HRTF. It provides the squad with 24/7 surveillance of hollow activities in the human realm using 4 millions of dragonfly drones.

The  have the shape of a dragonfly and about the same size. They have cameras built in their heads and wings 

out of a photovoltaic material to provide them with energy. A special paint makes them invisible to human eyes. 

Squad InformationEdit

Theme Song: The Score - Arrival To Earth

Pokemon: Infernape

Mascot: Poro

Motto: "Keep calm and look busy."