Division 3
3rd Division Insignia
Captain Jeisen Tabibito
Lieutenant Position Available
3rd Seat Rio Mōretsuna
4th Seat Ryuko Wakahisa
5th Seat Kasai Honoo


Squad 3 is specialized for Shinigami resources and relaxation. When Lorcian took over the Division she promoted Mal to be her Lieutenant, and between them they planned out the rebuilding of the Barracks after the Seraphim invasion. They rebuilt to fit the role and thus the Barracks has an ajoining Bath house, Greenhouse, Outfoor Barbecue Lounge and a team sports area.

It was decided between Captain and Lieutenant to hold events such has sporting events and also social events, to help better Seireitei, and create relationships between Shinigami and Divisions. The hope in this would also be to forge better teamwork, and continue these skills onto the battlefield.

Jeisen has changed the focus of the squad from relaxation to a more combat focused squad. He intends to make Division 3 the most versatile squad in the sereitei, capable of doing any job on the battlefeild


Captain: Jeisen Tabibito

Lieutenant:Rio Mōretsuna /u/Rio_Rio

3rd seat: Shigo Yamata

4th seat: Kasai Honoo

5th seat: William Grey

6th seat:  Ryuko Wakahisa

Squad InformationEdit

Theme Song:



Squad Colour: Blue

Motto: "Just Getting Started"

Barracks GalleryEdit