Division 2
2nd Division Insignia
Captain Shin Kobayashi
Lieutenant Position Available
3rd Seat Shi
4th Seat Position Available
5th Seat Position Available
Related Organizations Onmitsukidō


The Onmitsukidō organization is represented by the 2nd Division of the Gotei 13. While the terms Onmitsukidō and 2nd Division are used interchangeably, in reality there are sections of the OMK not included in the 2nd Division and thus not directly under the jurisdiction of the Gotei 13. The positions of Captain of the 2nd Division and the Sōshireikan of the OMK are also not necessarily held by the same individual, but traditionally are. Corps Commanders of the OMK branches often hold the highest seated officer rankes within the 2nd Division as well.



Captain (Executive Militia Commander)Shin Kobayashi /u/bleachfan727

Soshireikan: Kagechi Yorutora /u/AmuzaniEgak


Vice Captain

3rd Seat: Shi /u/itgmechiel

4th seat

5th seat

Detention Unit Commmander

Inner Court Troop Commander

Patrol Corps Commander

Sabotage Squadron Commmander


Formerly Seated, MIA: Kurono Hayashi /u/Zanjitsu_Master

Formerly Seated, MIA: Maiha Shirubā /u/lylejack

Former Lieutenant, MIA: Kazuma Kuayumi /u/Jokester4life

Formerly Seated, MIA: Gao Fenikk /u/captain_guavo

Former MembersEdit

Name Rank
Makato Kiyoshi (transfer) Lieutenant
Shizu Kuroi (deceased) 4th Seat
Komatsuna Fujii (deceased) 5th Seat
Jentoru Hayato (resigned) Captain

Squad InformationEdit

Squad Colors: Orange and Black

Theme Song: 13th Dilemma [1]

Digimon: Beezlemon

Mascot: A very elegant black cat.

Motto: No motto, unless being silent is a motto.