Division 13
13th Division Insignia
Captain Mami Saito
Lieutenant Position Available
3rd Seat Yushin Fujimoto
4th Seat Yusuf Ahmad
5th Seat Position Available
Related Organizations Kidō Corps and Therapy Unit


Traditionally, Squad Thirteen used to be the Cuddly Squad, something enacted during the Captaincy of Bveress. The tradition continued until the Captain's betrayal.  Afterwards, the squad took up the position as the Cooking Squad, and later took on the title as the Human Resources Department with Captain Hinata Banteki as its head until her disappearance. Under Captain Shinya Tsubasa's brief captaincy, it was later reformed into the Kidō Corps. After Tsubasa was transferred to Division 5, Rukia Kuchiki took up captaincy and combined the cuddliness and Kidō aspects of the division together.

Hiroku Shikuga became Captain of the Thirteenth after Rukia Kuchiki became Captain-Commander. With a majority of the Seireitei in ruins, Hiroku decided not to restore facilities such as the Water Park and Cuddle Room.

Hiroku led the Thirteenth with distinction for several years,until his death at the hands of certain criminals in the world of the living. Shortly after Mami Saito, Hiroku's apprentice, was allowed to take his place as captain.

Notable AreasEdit

  • Ugendō (雨乾堂, Rain Dried Hall) Quarters: A relaxing den situated in a beautiful lake filled with many Koi fish. It serves as a place to house the ill, and to treat patients through various psychological methods.
  • Shikuga Memorial Library: A very large library constructed within certain unused spaces of the Thirteenth Division, such as what was once the 'Cuddle room'. After she assumed control of the Thirteenth, Mami Saito decided to gather all of the kido scrolls and writings that she could into one place. At the same time, she also gathered more mundane books, such as adventure novels and Non-fiction histories as well as many others. The Library has a very extensive selection at this point, and Mami is always seeking new books, plays, and poetry to add to this collection.


Kidō CorpsEdit

Kidō Corps Commander: (鬼道衆 総帥, Kidōshū Sōshi):  Mami Saito

Vice Kidō Chief: (副鬼道長, Fuku Kidōchō): Vacant

3rd seat: Yushin Fujimoto

4th seat: Yusuf Ahmad

5th seat: Vacant

Therapy UnitEdit

The Therapy Unit is empty at this time.

Former MembersEdit

Name Position Reason
Reikaizo Yonta Third Seat Deceased
Shinya Tsubasa Captain Promotion
Hinata Banteki Captain Deceased
Bveress Captain Deceased
Rukia Kuchiki Captain Promotion
Yoshito "Yoshi" Tanaka Lieutenant MIA
Ashi Takamoto Fifth Seat Deceased
Neiro Yamada Fourth Seat Deceased
Hiroku Shikuga Captain Deceased