Division 12
12th Division Insignia
Captain Kokishin Nengen
Lieutenant Sumiko Hadashi
3rd Seat Ryosuke Shiroyama
4th Seat Ashi Nakatsukuni
5th Seat Hametsu Ginchi
Related Organizations SRDI


Squad 12 is the Research and Development Division. We spezialise in scientifics and helping Seireitei to progress in its battle with evil.

With recent changes, regulations have been put in place to make Squad 12 a safer and more ethically pleasing place. What remained of the labs after the Seraphim attack has been torn down, with the exceptions of Captain Lorcian's so research can continue (It will be rebuilt after enough of the renovations are complete.), and newer more efficient labs are in the process of being designed and built.

As private and secretive as squad 12 used to be, they now offer open doors for anyone with problems requireing help from them. Any requests will be met with kindness and willingnes to help.

Division RulesEdit

  1. All testing on Shinigami, Arrancar, Human, Quincy and Bount, without express permission from Central 46. Is henceforth banned, and will be severely punished.
  2. Any test or experiment decided upon as morally or ethically wrong under the guidelines set by Central 46, will cease upon order.
  3. Any person/s who come to Squad 12 asking for help, shall have whatever help they need, to the best of the Squad's abilities and regulations.
  4. All cleared experiments must be taken through safety procedures before taking place, and be conducted in a safe and secure manner at all times.
  5. Any experiments over a certain level are to have seated Squad 4 members in case of emergency.


Position OC Reddit User
Captain Kokishin Nengen /u/snivescalibur98
Lieutenant Sumiko Hadashi /u/Cheeseable
3rd Seat Ryosuke Shiroyama /u/RyosukeShiroyama
4th Seat Ashi Nakatsukuni /u/Ashi_Nakatsukuni
5th Seat Rin Ikari /u/Rin_Ikari
6th Seat Hametsu Ginchi /u/xBleachKill3rx

Former MembersEdit

Name Position Reason
Lorcian Kobayashi


Sumiko Hadashi Captain Personal
Azumi Haruko Lieutenant Promotion
Utakata Kotsoku Lieutenant Personal

Squad InformationEdit

Lorcian & Sumiko Colour

Ex-Captain Sumiko Hadashi and Ex-Lieutenant/Current Captain Lorcian Kobayashi

We also have the SRDI. You can sign up to be a Head Researcher, even if you're not from Division 12.

Theme Song: Symphony of Science - the Quantum World!

Pokemon: Mew

Mascot: Vel'Koz

Squad Colour: Toxic Green

Motto: "The difference between messing around and science is writing it down."