Division 10
10th Division Insignia
Captain Kimiko "Panda"
Lieutenant Luke Vagus
3rd Seat Yujiro Noguchi
4th Seat Alexander Pimm
5th Seat Corin Brinsi


Squad 10 Barracks 1

Basic (and technically upside-down) Diagram of the Squad 10 Barracks

Squad 10, or the Tenth Division, is composed of quick and intelligent warriors that utilize their environment and kido skills to complement their own innate abilities in their strategem during combat and/or stealth missions. As the Scouting and Reconnaissance Squad, all Shinigami that belong to this division follow a code of honor involving three powerful words: Honor, Duty, and Loyalty. 

Squad RoleEdit

Above all the other words, "Loyalty" is the most important value for the Tenth Division. To achieve our goals, this division uses state-of-the-art items and weaponry developed by numerous Shinigami of the Gotei 13. Our overall mission is to retrieve intel and to provide information for the Gotei 13. As one of the most disciplined divisions in Seireitei, our duty is met with the utmost gravitas.

Because of our intelligence capabilities, we are the division that provides the Gotei 13 with important information, ultimately influencing final decisions from the Captain Commander. Our battle skills, paired up with high-tech items, is key to retrieving that information.

Other InformationEdit

On a lighter note, the social atmosphere is great, we have a hot tub in the Squad lounge, and the minibar is open for Squad members. That about wraps it up, take care!


Captain: Kimiko "Panda" /u/TheLaughingPanda

Lieutenant: Luke Vagus /u/GrandDream

3rd seat: Yujiro Noguchi /u/DrPancakeMD

4th seat: Alexander Pimm /u/krassofnod

5th seat: Corin Brinsi /u/SuyefujiAlt1

Former MembersEdit

Name Position Reason
Hirotoshi Flamingo Captain Unknown

Hisao Ibarazaki

Captain Deceased
Ryuuma Mifune Lieutenant Promotion
Zemaiah Tempo Lieutenant Unknown
Ryatso Matsumori Third Seat Promotion
Mal Third Seat Promotion
Hiroku Shikuga Fourth Seat Transfer

Squad InformationEdit

Squad Theme Songs: Immediate Music - SerenataTwo Steps From Hell - Heart of Courage

Pokémon: Teddiursa, Cubchoo, and Pancham

[AKA Panda's three favorite Pokémon because they're so cute!]

Mascot: Panda