Crepusculo Puma
Professional Status

Crepusculo is the Sexta Espada, being promoted after the seperatists of Uquiorra left, and before that was the Decimo Espada after the death of Baraggan Louisenbairn. He was originally the 17th fraccion, under Limos de Veneno. His aspect of death is assassination.


He has the fur of a puma draped over his shoulders. His hollow hole is located on his earlobe, and his hair is in dreadlocks, and covers over one of his eyes. His mask fragment is on his brow.


Puma is extremely quiet. He only talks to answer someone, or rarely to ask a question. He hides in the shadow of others a lot, often eavesdropping or guarding people. Puma is also very loyal to superiors, and stubborn. Some could say that he is also stupid, because he answers ack at superiors in a sometimes threatening way, but he normally says, "I just don't care."


He doesn't talk much about his history, so not much is known. What is known is that he was an Adjuchas who spent all of his time alone, on the borders of the Menos Forest. He worked in the shadow to target and eat prey.

Skills and abilitiesEdit

Crepusculo Puma's stats are;

Attack - 85 (100)

Defense - 30

Reiatsu - 40

Reiryoku - 30

Speed - 185 (200)


Zanjutsu (ATK) - 9

Hakuda (ATK) - 15

Hohō (RIY) - 13

Cero - 8



Swift strikes - ATT-SPD

Taijutsu - SPD-Hakuda

Sink, Ausencia (Absence)

When Puma releases (the usual manner) he now has a black liquid slightly visible on his claws. He also has a full black bow on his back, and a quiver on his right thigh. At the bottom of this quiver is the same liquid.

The liquid in question is Nulo (void), a virus that momentarily shuts down the opponent's visual and hearing senses. It can take place only after seconds of entering the bloodstream, and easily leaves opponents slightly vulnerable.

Puma has two signiture ceros;

  • Cegamiento Cero (Blinding Zero). When released, it lets off a blinding light that usually stuns foes and stops them from moving.
  • Cero Absoluto (Absolute Zero). An incredibly powerful black cero, only used once a match.