Cameron Mitchell
Cameron mitchell
Race Human (fullbringer)
Birthday 5th July
Gender Male
Height 5'11
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Xcution
Position Ace Class Fullbringer
Previous Position S-Class fullbringer

Member Fullbringer

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Cameron Mithcell has brownish red hair and red eyes. He usually is seen wearing casual or semi casual clothing. He occasionally wears a full suit but most of the time only wears the shirt and pants.


Cameron is usually quite nice and kind to people. He enjoys playing games and tends to make games out of his training. Although Cameron has split his personality into two with his more crazy and evil side manifesting itself as Noremac. When Noremac takes over Camerons body his eyes change from the red colour to a yellow and he tends to become a lot more blood thirsty. He enjoys fighting and prefers to push himself and the person his fighting to the very limits even in something as small as a training session.


Cameron grew up in Australia where he played a lot of card games. One day when He and his friend were playing a game a hollow attacked and killed Cameron's friend. Cameron thought that he was next but then the fullbring power hidden inside Cameron activated and a warrior from a card in his card game was standing in front of him. The warrior dissapeared after defeating the hollow and Cameron ran to try and help his friend. When he got to his friend more people came and belived that Cameron was the one who had killed the boy. After that night Cameron fled from Australia and after hearing about Xcution came to Japan.

Cameron later lost his card related fullbring when his brother destroyed the cards in a battle. This led to Cameron leaving Xcution and joining up with his brothers group of fullbringers known as Chimera fang. After being trained Cameron with the help of others from Xcution took down Chimera fang. After this battle Cameron took a necklase with a dragon pendant on it as a momento of his victory.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


House of CardsEdit

Camerons fullbring lies in his gold and silver pendant that is in the shape of a card. Upon activation his fullbring forms a deck of cards that cause varing effects depending on the chosen card.Edit

Ability 1Edit

Name Explosive clubs
Type Offensive
Cost Varies on card number
Stat Sei/Rei
Range mid range

Cameron is able to charge a card with a clubs suit with his reiatsu, After it is charged it can be activated (mainly by throwing it) to cause an explosion at the spot where the card is detonated. The power varies with the cards face number from a 2 to an Ace.

Ability 2Edit

Name Slicing Spades
Type Offensive
Cost Varies on card number
Stat Buk
Range mid range

Cameron pours a tiny amount of reiatsu to turn the edges of a spades card into a sharp edge. The sharpness and durability depends on the cards face number. These cards can be thrown for a long ranged attack or be used as a card sized blade.

Ability 3Edit

Name Healing Hearts
Type Healing
Cost Varies on card number
Stat Sei/Rei
Range Short

Cameron charges a card with a hearts suit with his reatsu, This card when held slowly drains the reiatsu in the card to heal whoever is holding the card. If all wounds are healed before the card runs out of the charged reiatsu, or the person didn't have any wounds in the first place the reiatsu of the person holding the card will be replenished with the amount left in the card. 

Ability 4Edit

Name Defensive Diamonds
Type Defensive
Cost Varies on card number
Stat Rei/Sei
Range Short

Cameron pours his reiatsu into the card causing it to expand into a large wall like sheild (kinda like Danku). the amount of dammage it can protect is based on the face number. This card is thrown in front of Cameron and expands to a large size to block incomming attacks or damage. 

Note on costs:

  • The amount of Rei/Sei (for Hearts, Diamonds and Clubs) and Buk (for Spades) required to use a card begins at 4 for a 2, and increases by 2  for each increased face number. (eg. 10 = 20, Ace = 28)


Name Description Level
Lightning Tazer Can tazer someone by discharging a small amount of electricity from a batery or even just through static 15
Fire Ball Manipulate fire to form a bala sized fireball that explodes on impact 30
Bringer Bullet Manipulating a stone or rockto fly at incredibly high speeds toward an enemy 30
Stone Coffin Manipulate the stone underground to rise and encase a target. The coffin prevents the target from taking damage but prevents them from attacking. 55
Flame Wheel Fire is manipulated into a large ring of fire which is sent spinning towards the enemy and explodes on contact. 55
Stalactite Rocket Grabs a large stone spike from a earthy or stony ground manipulating the dirt or stone to harden and cement together to form a large spike that can be shot at a high speed toward a target. 55
Stone Shackles  Manipulates the groung to cause stone to rise up and grip onto enemies legs rooting them in place. 60
Stone Wall Manipulates the earth to rise up in a wall formation to protect from dammage.  60
Duo Lightning crash Manipulating electricity out of a battery or other source 2 bolts of lightning are sent toward the foe, this can be split for one lightning bolt to hit another target. 60
Stalagmite Barrage Cameron manipulates the earth to shoot out large stone spikes in a straight line impaling people standing in the way 70
Lightning Vortex Cameron manipulates lighting to form a vortex around himself 70
Phoenix Swoop Creates a flaming bird that can fly around then launch toward an enemy exploding on impact. 70
Lightning Dragon Creates a large dragon made of surging electricity, the size is reletive to the amount of electricity available. Upon hitting something the dragon discharges outward effecting an area around what is it. 90
Hundred Missile Barrage Cameron takes a flame from a lighter or other source of fire and creates a small flame that rests on each finger. Cameron rapidly pokes his fingers in the air leaving behind small flame spots floating and after forming many fires them off toward the enemy each causing a little explosion on the spot they hit. If all detonate in one spot a giant explosion is formed 90
Miracle of Mud Cameron can manipulate mud placing it over an injured area. He increases the healing abilities of the trace minirals in the mud to heal wounds. 90


HAN 14
REI 21
HAK 18
SEI 21
BUK 18
HOH 19
Base points 78
Earned 35 (Master Log)
Points spent on abilities 2
Total 113