Acrio Espina
Professional Status

Acrio has long spiky black hair and wears a pretty normal hollow attire with his hole showing on his upper chest. His mask is 2 whiskers like spikes that come out around his cheeks.


Needle barrage: Acrio can cause poison needles to shoot out of his palms. They hit the enemies and cause poison on contact.

Ressurection (Puerco Espín): In resurection Acrio grows large claws and a thin spiked armor.

Needle explosion: Acrio releases his poison needles in a needle explosion that hits enemies around him in a 5 meter radius. 

Poison transfer: Acrio can sacrifice the poison in his needles for 5 turns to produce a very potent poison on his claws that with paralyze enemies cut by the claws.


NV-1 (39 points)

Points gained: 4

HAN: 6

REI: 5

HAK: 9

SEI: 9

BUK: 1

HOH: 9

Old StatsEdit

stats: Normal Ressurection Perk increases
Attack 80 80 +10
Defense 40 55
Reiatsu 55  55 +10
Reiryoku 30 45
Speed 70 70 +20


Zan: 1

Hakuda: 15

Hoho: 5

Cero: 9

Perk points:

Obtained: 4

Spent: 4

Spent on: (4) Stat growth (Stats:+40)


Acrio's cero is a multishot poison type cero. His cero is a very dark purple colour. Acrio holds out his hand and shoots out a cero off each finger each dealing 20% dammage.